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Ressources électroniques 1.
Sussman, Joseph Martin (1939-2018) / Springer US : Imprint: Springer / 2005    Accès au texte intégralRésumé
Ressources électroniques 2.
An essay towards a description of Bath : In four parts. Wherein The Antiquity of the City, as well as the Reality and Eminence of its Founder; the Magnitude of it in its Antient, Middle and Modern State; the Names it has borne; its Situation, Soil, Mineral Waters and Physical Plants; the general Form and Size of its Body; the Shape of its detach'd Parts; its British Works, and the Grecian Ornaments with which they were adorned; its Devastations and Restorations in the Days of the Britons, Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans; its additional Buildings down to the End of the Year 1748; its Baths, Conduits, Hospitals, Places of Worship, Court of Justice, and other Publick Edifices; its Gates, Throngs, Bridges, Lanes, Alleys, Terrass Walks, and Streets; its inferior Courts; and its Open Areas of a superiour Kind Are respectively Treated of: The Gods, Places of Worship, Religion and Learning of the Antient Britons Occasionally Considered: And the Limits of the City in its present State; its Divisions, Sub-Divisions, Laws, Government, Customs, Trade and Amusements Severally pointed out. Illustrated with the figure of King Bladud, the First Founder of the City, as described by the Orator Himerius under the Name of Abaris; together with proper plans and elevations from two and twenty copper plates. By John Wood, architect
Wood, John (1705?-1754) / The second edition corrected and enlarged. / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 3.
M'Clymont, James Alexander (1848-1927) / A. and C. Black / 1906
Ressources électroniques 4.
Holick, Michael F (1946-....) / Second edition / Humana Press / 2010Résumé
Ressources électroniques 5.
Easby, John (1812-1852) / Thomson Gale / 2005
Ressources électroniques 6.
Vaidyanathan, Sundarapandian / 1st ed. 2016. / Springer International Publishing / 2016Résumé
Ressources électroniques 7.
The history of London : from its foundation to the present time: Containing, I. The original Constitution of London: The ancient and present State of its several Wards, Churches, Parishes, Liberties, and Districts: Accounts of all the Religious Foundations in London and its Suburbs, before the Reformation: The Names of all the Streets, Squares, Courts, Lanes, &c. within the City and Suburbs: With curious Calculations touching the Number of its Inhabitants; and Parallels between London and many of the most celebrated ancient and modern Cities; whereby it will appear that the Inhabitants of London, at present, are almost equal in Number to those of the Cities of Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome together, and superior in Number to any one City in the World. II. Historical and particular Accounts of the City Governments, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military, in all their Branches: With the several Charters, rendered into English; where in are set forth their many great and valuable Privileges, Immunities, and numerous Benefactions. III. Accounts of the several Incorporations of Merchants and Trades; shewing the Institutions of their respective Companies; with their ancient Rights, Privileges, and Coats of Arms. IV. Accounts of the present State of Learning, and of the Colleges, Schools, Inns of Court, Common-Pleas, King's-Bench, Chancery, Exchequer, High Court of Parliament, &c. V. Full and particular Accounts of all the Hospitals, Alms-Houses, and other Charitable Foundations, within the City and the Parts adjacent. VI. The ancient and present State of the Tower, and of the Curiosities therein contained. Also an Account of Sir Hans Sloane's Collection, lately purchused by Parliament. And Including The several Parishes in Westminster, Middlesex, Southwark, &c. within the Bills of Mortality. By William Maitland, F. R. S. and Others. Illustrated With a Complete Set of the Churches, Palaces, Publick Buildings, Hospitals, Bridges, &c. within and adjacent to this great Metropolis: The Plans of London, exhibiting its Appearance before the Fire; in its Ruins after that Conflagration in 1666; and as it is now rebuilt and extended: And with a large Map of all the Villages and Country within ten Miles Circumference: Exactly drawn, and curiously engraved on One Hundred and Twenty Copper-Plates, by the best Hands, and on so large a Scale, that each Plate could not be sold separate for less than One Shilling. And Improved With a great Variety of Authentick Pieces, relating to the Progressive Alterations it has undergone from its first Foundation, both in its Political, Ecclesiastical, and Commercial State; and describing those Charitable Foundations, and other Additional Buildings, with which it has been lately adorned, and increased to such a prodigious Extent, as to carry the Appearance of a large County in the Number of its Houses and Inhabitants. By which Means All the Defects in the former Edition of this Work, and in other Authors on this Subject, will be supplied, their Errors corrected, and the History brought down, with great Care and Impartiality, to the present Time. In two volumes. Vol. I. By the King's Authority
Maitland, William (1693?-1757) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 8.
Lindsay, Patrick (1686-1753) / Thomson Gale / 2005
Ressources électroniques 9.
Penington, Isaac (1616-1679) / UMI / 1999
Ressources électroniques 10.
Gupta, Subash Chandra / 1st ed. 2016. / Springer International Publishing / 2016Résumé