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manifest Tous les mots [1574]
paris Tous les mots [8676281]

Livres 1.
Christie, Angela (1958-....) / Atelier national de reproduction des thèses / 2008Résumé
Thèses (version de soutenance) 2.
Christie, Angela (1958-....) / [s.n.] / 2008Résumé
Livres 3.
Cooper Hadjian, Olivia (1985-....) / s.n / 2010
Ressources électroniques 4.
Labriola, Antonio (1843-1904) / 2e édition / SCD de l'Université Paris 8 / 2016
Ressources électroniques 5.
The life and death of Levvis Gaufredy : a priest of the Church of the Accoules in Marceilles in France, (who after hee had giuen him selfe soule and bodie to the Diuell) committed many most abhominable sorceries, but chiefly vpon two very faire young gentle-women, Mistris Magdalene of the Marish, and Mistris Victoire Corbier, whose horrible life being made manifest, hee was arraigned and condemned by the Court of Parliament of Aix in Prouince, to be burnt aliue, which was performed the last day of April. 1611. Together with the 53. articles of his confession. To which is annexed, a true discourse of a most inhumaine murther, committed by foure women witches, vpon a young gyrle, of about tenne yeares olde, who were all executed the 28. of Iune last past. Translated and faithfully collected out of two French copies, the one printed at Paris, the other at Roane. Anno. 1612
UMI / 1999