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Ressources électroniques 1.
1st ed. 2015. / Springer New York : Springer e-books : Imprint: Springer : Springer e-books / 2015Résumé
Livres 2.
Imlay, Gilbert (1754-1828) / The third edition, / Printed for J. Debrett / 1797
Livres 3.
Geological Society of America / 1994
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A topographical description of the western territory of North America : containing a succinct account of its soil, climate, natural history, population, agriculture, manners, and customs. With an ample Description of the several Divisions into which that Country is partitioned. To which are added, I. The discovery, settlement, and present state of Kentucky; with an Essay towards the Topography and Natural History of that important Country, by J. Filson. Also the Minutes of the Piankashaw Council, 1784. II. An account of the Indian nations inhabiting within the Limits of the XIII States; their Manners and Customs; and Reflections on their Origin. III. The Culture of Indian Corn, Hemp, Flax, Hops, Tobacco, Indigo, Cotton, Senega Root, Esquine, Madder, Jalap, Potatoes, Silkworms, Persimmon, various Kinds of Grapes, Berries, and Nuts, the Candleberry Myrtle, Sumach, Coffee, and other Particulars in the vegetable Kingdom. IV. Observations on the ancient Works, the native Inhabitants of the Western Country, &c. by Major Jonathan Heart. V. Historical Narrative and Topographical Description of Louisiana and West Florida, containing a great Variety of interesting Particulars, by Mr. Thomas Hutchins. VI. Account of the Soil, growing Timber, and other Productions of several Lands, particularly the Genesee Tract, lately located, and now in the Progress of being settled. Vii. Remarks for the Information of those who wish to become Settlers in America, by Dr. Franklin. Viii. Topographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North-Carolina, by Mr. Tho. Hutchins. IX. Mr. Patrick Kennedy's Journal up the Illinois River, &c. X. Description of the State of Tenasee, and of the South-Western Territory, with the Constitution of Tenasee established 1796. XI. An Act for establishing Knoxville. XII. Treaty concluded between the United States of America and the Crown of Spain, for the free Navigation of the Mississippi. XIII. Plan of Association of the North American Land Company, &c. By Gilbert Imlay , A Captain in the American Army during the War, and Commissioner for laying out Lands in the Back Settlements. Illustrated with correct maps of the Western Territory of North America; of the State of Kentucky, as divided into Counties, from actual Surveys by Ehhu Barker; a Map of the Tenasee Government; and a Plan of the Rapids of the Ohio
Imlay, Gilbert (1754-1828) / The third edition, with great additions. / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 5.
Springer / 2008, cop. 2007
Livres 6.
Praeger / cop. 2011
Livres 7.
G.E. Stechert & Co. / 1906
Livres 8.
Parcours des mondes (16 ; 2017 ; Paris) / Galerie Flak / DL 2017
Livres 9.
Galerie Flak / DL 2016
Livres 10.
Anawalt, Patricia Rieff (1924-....) / Thames & Hudson / 2007