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Aspects of Indian culture and society : essays in felicitation of Professor Nirmal Kumar Bose
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Bose, Nirmal Kumar (1901-1972). Fonction à préciser
Sinha, Surajit Chandra. Éditeur scientifique
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248 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
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Anthropology of Nirmal Kumar Bose, by S. Sinha. - An outline framework for the study of politics in village India, by F. G. Bailey. - Anthropology of Indian civilization, by G. Sarana. - Sociology of national integration, by B. K. Roy Burman. - Aspects of social change in rural Bengal in the 19th century, by B. Ghose--Scope for urban anthropology and the city of Calcutta, by S. Sinha. - Clerks and skilled manual workers: some consideration for research on Calcutta, by A. Beteille. - The recent kings of Puri; a study in secularization, by N. Patnaik. - Gandhi the humanist, by B. Bhattacharyya. - Iron smelters and the indigenous iron & steel industry of India: from stagnation to atrophy, by S. Bhattacharyya. - Traditional modes of learning in Indian civilization, by B. Saraswati. - Curing and religion in South Asia, by D. G. Mandelbaum. - Religious architecture in Bengal (15th-17th century); a study of the major trends, by H. R. Sanyal. - Language, culture, and race in South India, by H. K. Rakshit. - An analysis of Mayurbhanj palaeolith industry, by A. K. Ghosh
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Includes bibliographies.
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India -- Civilization
DS437. .A86
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