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Livres 1.
Boswell, James (1740-1795) / N.Y.,) Printed by W. E. Rudge / 1928-1937
Livres 2.
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) / 1821
Livres 3.
Prentice-Hall / 1951
Livres 4.
Macaulay, Thomas Babington (1800-1859) / Copyright edition / B. Tauchnitz / 1850
Livres 5.
Hilles, Frederick W. (1900-1975) / Yale University Press / 1959
Livres 6.
Catalogue of the well-known stock of valuable books, sold in consequence of the dissolution of the partnership of Messrs. J. Pearson & Co., 5 Pall Mall Place, S.W.1, the whole of the property comprised in this sale will be offered entirely without reserve. The collection comprises mediæval illuminated manuscripts; French illustrated books of the XVII and XVIII centuries; valuable armorial and other bindings; books relating to Mary Queen of Scots; an important collection of Elzevirs in fine bindings; a small collection of Hebraica; rare liturgical works; books printed on vellum; fine calligraphic manuscripts; magnificently extra-illustrated copies of Boswell's Life of Johnson (with upwards of 2,000 engravings and autograph letters), and of Granger's Biographical History (with 4,500 mezzotints and other portraits, etc.) [Texte imprimé] : auction, London, Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, on Monday, December 8th, 1924, and four following days
Sotheby's (firme) / Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge / 1924
Livres 7.
Catalogue of the library of the late William Upcott, Esq : consisting of a collection of works in English topography, bibliography, and miscellaneous literature: including Evelyn's memoirs, on large paper, one of two copies so printed ; Evelyn's memoirs, Boswell's Life of Johnson, memoirs of Napoleon, lives of Garrick, Kemble, Siddons, Cooke, Sir Thomas Lawrence, R.O. Cambridge, Hone's popular works, Byron's english bards, Daniel's Merry England, and several other books, all extensively illustrated with portraits, prints, and autograph letters: the gentleman's magazine, vol. uncut ; Dibdin's and other bibliographical works, including a most valuable collection of sale catalogues, many of which are on large paper, with prices and names of purchasers. Curious collections for the history and illustration of our national customs, sports, theatrical, and other exhibitions, and a most extensive collection of books, manuscripts, prints, and drawings, for the history and topography of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. Which will be sold by auction
Catalogues to be had at the place of sale, and of Messrs. Atkins and Andrew, No. 5, White Hart Court, Lombard Street, solicitors to the estate / [1846]
Livres 8.
Chelsea House Publishers / 1986
Livres 9.
Boswell, James (1740-1795) / Revised and enlarged ed / Clarendon Press / 1979
Livres 10.
Boswell, James (1740-1795) / Revised and enlarged ed / Clarendon Press / 1979