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Ressources électroniques 1.
Letters relating to the plague, and other contagious distempers. : Part I. Letters to Martin Folkes, Esq. President of the Royal Society of London, &c. read at several Meetings of the Royal Society in the Years 1743, 1744. Wherein the principal Ways by which the Infection of the Plague, or any other contagious Fever, may be conveyed to human Bodies, are carefully considered; and proper Means of Safety from it are proposed. Part II. Letters to *****. Containing general rules for a suitable management, when that sickness shall be brought into any city, army, or navy; and proper Preservatives from it. Likewise an Account of Events predicted in the Word of God, and to be expected in the Time of a Pestilence, &c. And a letter to John Milner, Esq. containing an Account of the Nature of the Cause which produced the contagious Distemper among the Cattle in 1714, with Rules to Farmers for Management, and suitable Remedies, when such Contagion shall be among their Herds. And a Method proposed for finding out the Quality of the Cause producing the epidemical Diseases now among the Cattle in Great Britain, and foreign Countries, and the proper Medicines for Curing them. Whereunto are added copper-plates of machines, which may be useful in an infectious season. Designed for Usefulness to the Public, and to Families; and particularly for the Safety of Magistrates in the Performance of their Office, and the Preservation of those Divines, and others, who shall be obliged to visit, or attend the Sick. By Theophilus Lobb, M.D. Member of the College of Physicians, and Fellow of the Royal Society of London, &c
Lobb, Theophilus (1678-1763) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 2.
Ponteus, John / UMI / 1999
Ressources électroniques 3.
L. P, Laurence Price (en activité en 1625-1680?) / UMI / 1999
Ressources électroniques 4.
Church of England / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 5.
Lerner, Steve (1946-....) / MIT Press / 1998, c1997
Ressources électroniques 6.
Mortimer, C. F. / UMI / 1999
Ressources électroniques 7.
Lobb, Theophilus (1678-1763) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 8.
A treatise concerning the husbandry and natural history of England, : in twenty two chapters, viz. 1. On Saint Foin. 2. Of Ploughs and Carriages. 3. Of digging of Land, setting and howing of Corn. 4. Of Gardening. 5. Of Smut and Mildew. 6. Of planting Fruits. 7. Of the Defect of Fruits. 8. Of Vines. 9. Of Hemp and Flax. 10. Of Dunging and Manuring Land. 11. Of the Improvement of Meadows. 12. Of Waste-Land. 13. Of Woods. 14. Of Bees. 15. Of Silk-Worms. 16. Of the Husbandry of other Countries. 17. Of our Ignorance of the Metals, Minerals, &c. produced in England. 18. Of our Ignorance of the Virtues and Uses of the Vegetables of England. 19. Of Animals, Fishes, Insects, &c. 20. Of divers Things necessary for the Good of Cattle. 21. Of many Necessaries wanting in Agriculture. 22. Of God's Blessing on the Husband-Man's Labour. Useful for all persons, especially those who have any Concern in Rural Affairs. By Sir Richard Weston, Late of Sutton in the County of Surrey, and left by him, as a Legacy, to his Sons; with an Introduction addressed to them, written by himself. And a preface by Mr. Sam. Hartlib
Hartlib, Samuel (1600?-1662) / The second edition, corrected and improved. / Cengage Gale / 2009