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Chacon, Richard J. (1959-....). Éditeur scientifique
Dye, David H. (19..-....). Éditeur scientifique
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2008, cop. 2007
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Etats-Unis d'Amérique
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New York : Springer, 2008, cop. 2007
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1 vol. (XVII-680 p.) : ill., couv. ill. en coul., plans, cartes ; 24 cm
978-0-387-76983-7 (br.). - 0-387-76983-8 (br.)
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PART I. NORTH AMERICA. Introduction. - Introduction to human trophy taking: an ancient and widespread practice. - Heads, women, and the baubles of prestige: trophies of war in the Arctic and Subarctic. - Human trophy taking on the Northwest Coast: an ethnohistorical perspective. - Ethynographic and linguistic evidence for the origins of human-trophy taking in California. - Head trophies and scalping: images in Southwest rock art. - Human finger and hand bone necklaces from the Plains and Great Basin. - Predatory war and Hopewell trophies. - "Otinontsiskiaj ondaon" ("The House of Cut-off Heads"): the history and archaeology of northern Iroquoian trophy taking. - Human trophy taking in eastern North America during the archaic period: the relationship to warfare and social complexity. - Severed heads and sacred scalplocks: Mississippian iconographic trophies. - Disabling the dead: human trophy taking in the prehistoric Southeast. - Trophy taking in the central and lower Mississippi Valley. - PART II: LATIN AMERICA. Introduction. - Captive sacrifice and trophy taking among the ancient Maya: an evaluation of the bioarchaeological evidence and the sociopolitical implications. - The divine gourd tree: Tzompantli skull racks, decapitation rituals, and human trophies in ancient Mesoamerica. - Sorcery and the taking of trophy heads in ancient Costa Rica. - From corporeality to sanctity: transforming bodies into trophy heads in the pre-Hispanic Andes. - Human trophies in the late pre-Hispanic Andes: striving for status and maintaining power among the Incas and other societies. - Seeking the headhunter's power: the quest for arutam among the Achuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon and the development of ranked societies. - "Handsome death": the taking, veneration, and consumption of human remains in the insular Caribbean and greater Amazonia. - Human trophy taking the South American Gran Chaco. - Ethics and ethnocentricity in interpretation and critique: challenges to the anthropology of corporeality and death. - Supplemental data on Amerindian trophy taking. - Conclusions. - Index
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Military trophies -- America
E98.W2. T35 2008
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