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Livres 1.
Aberth, John (1963-....) / Pearson Prentice Hall / cop. 2007
Livres 2.
Museum of International Folk Art / Skira Rizzoli / [cop. 2015]Résumé
Livres 3.
Lew, Alan A. / Cognizant Communication Corp. / 1998
Ressources électroniques 4.
Drewry's sale catalogue for 1790. : A catalogue of books, containing many thousand volumes in the several branches of science and literature; in which is included the library of the late Rev. John Swain, chaplain to the Right Honourable the Earl of Harrington, rector of Taxall, in the county of Chester, adn vicar of Elvaston, in the county of Derby. With serveral other parcles of books lately purchased, amongst which are the following, viz. Folio. Bayle's Dict. of arts, &c. 5 vols. Bleau's Atlas, 14 vols. Beveregii pandectc̆anonum 2 tom. Camden's Britannia, by Gibson. Collier's Ecclesiastical history, 2 vols. Coke upon Littleton, 4th edit. Coke's Reports, 13 vols. Carver's Universal traveller. Hacklyt's Voyages, 3 vols. in 2. Hooke's Micographia. Johnson'd Dictionary, 2 vols. Josephas's works, by Whiston. Millar's System of natural history. Middleton's Dictionary of arts, 2 vols. Modern universal traveller. Picart's Religious ceremonies, 5 vols. Plutarchi opera omnia. 2 tom. Raleigh's History of the world, 2 vols. Rapin's History of England, 5 vols. Swinburne on wills, best edit. Swinburne on wills, best edit. Salmon's Modern history. Southwell's Family bible. Whitelock's Memorials, best edit. Quarto. Adair's History of American Indians. Doddridge's Family expositor, 6 vols. Davilla's Hist. of civil wars of France. Guthrie's New system of georgraphy. Shaw's travels into barbary. Smollet's History of England, 4 vols. Salmon's Modern history, 3 vols. Suetonius, notis pitiseli, 2 tom. Quinctiliani op. a burmano, 2 tom. Octavo. Dr. Johnson's Lives of the poets, 4 v. Dr. Jebb's works, 3 vols. Leadbetter's astronomy, 2 vols. Newton's Milton's paradise lost, 2 v. Rapin's History of England, 16 vols. Rollin's Roman history, 16 vols. Twelves. Bell's complete edit. of the poets, ... Bell's Shakspere, 20 vols. Barrow's History of England, 10 Vols. Plutarch's Lives, 8 vols. spectator, 8 vols. Voltair's works, 31 vols. To which is added a catalogue of modern music, that will be sold exceeding cheap for ready money. The sale will begin on Monday the 15th of March, 1790, at the Shop of John Drewry, in the irongate, derby, and will continue on sale to the end of the year. Catalogues may be had at the place of sale; of Mr. White, and Mt. Lowades, Fleet-Street, and Mr. Hayes, bookseller in Oxford-Street, London; also of the booksellers in York, Manchester, Lincoln, Leiccster, Nottingham, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Loughborough, Lichfield, Birminghand, Wolverhampton, Leek, Macclesfield, Buxton, Ashborne, Wirksworth, Mansfield, &c. &c
Drewry, John Eldridge (1902-....) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 5.
University of Nebraska Press / Cop.1998
Livres 6.
Symposium on Two Centuries of American Agriculture, 1775-1975 (Smithsonian Institution ; 1975) / Agricultural History Society / 1976
Périodiques 7.
Denver art museum (Denver, Colo.) / Denver Art Museum / 1930-?
Livres 8.
World Council of Churches,Programme to Combat Racism / 1980
Livres 9.
Routledge / 2018
Livres 10.
University of California Press / cop. 2012