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Livres 1.
Leach, Bernard (1887-1979) / Faber and Faber / [1960]
Ressources électroniques 2.
Jawad, Laith A / 1st ed. 2021. / Springer International Publishing / 2021Résumé
Livres 3.
W. B. Eerdmans / 2007
Ressources électroniques 4.
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Livres 5.
Biesanz, John Berry (1913-....) / Prentice-Hall / cop. 1969Résumé
Livres 6.
Sayām Samākhom nai Phra Bǭromrāchūpatham / The Siam Society / 1970
Livres 7.
Central European Association for Canadian Studies / 1st ed. / Masaryk University / 2012
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Schomburg center for research in black culture (New York) / Penguin Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC / 2021Résumé
Livres 9.
Ellul, Jacques (1912-1994) / Scholars Press / 1998
Ressources électroniques 10.
Upon this moment depends eternity : or, Mr. John Dunton's serious thoughts upon the present and future state, in a fit of sickness that was judg'd mortal, in which many New Opinions are Started and Prov'd; and in particular this, That the sincere Practice of known Duties, or dying daily to this Life and World, would of it self resolve the most ignorant Person in all the abstruse Points of the Christian Religion-Being, A New Directory for Holy Living and Dying; Compos'd of the Author's own Experience in Religion, Politicks, and Morals, from his Childhood to his Sixty Third Year, (but more especially during his dangerous Disease in Ireland, in the Year Ninety Eight, when his Life was despair'd Of)-And Compleated in Twenty Essays upon such Nice and Curious Points in Divinity, as were never handled Before-To which is added, The Sick-Man's Passing-Bell. To remind all Men of that Death and Eternity to which they are hastening. - Containing, (1.) God be Merciful to me a Siuner: Or, Dunton at Confession, in which he discovers the Secret Sins of his whole Life; with his Resolutions in what penitent Manner (by the Help of God) he'll spend the short Time he has yet to live. (2.) Dunton's Legacy to his Native Country: Or, A dying Farewell to the most Remarkable Persons and Things both in Church and State; with his last Prayer (or those very Petitions to Almighty God) with which he hopes to Expire. 3. A Living Man following his own Corpse to the Grave: Or, Dunton Represented as Dead and Buried, in an Essay upon his own Funeral-To which is added (for the Oddness and Singularity of it) A Copy of his last Will and Testament-His living Elegy writ with his own Hand-And the Epitaph design'd for his Tombstone, in the New Burying-Place-Together with (4.) The Real Period of Dunton's Life: Or, A Philosophical Essay upon the Nature of that Grand Climacterick Year Sixty Three, in which (as few Persons out-live that Fatal Time) he expects to be actually Buried with that best of Wives Mrs. Elizabeth Annesley (alias Dunton) with their Reasons for Sleeping together in the same Grave 'till the General Resurrection, as contained in two Letters that pass'd between Mr. Dunton and his Wife, a few Days before she Dyed. The whole Directory and Passing-Bell, submitted to the Impartial Censure of the Right Reverend Father in God William Lord Bishop of Ely. By Mr. John Dunton, a Member of the Athenian Society, and Author of the Essay Intitled-The Hazard of a Death-Bed Repentance
Dunton, John (1659-1732) / Cengage Gale / 2009