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Mobility and ancient society in Asia and the Americas : [proceedings of the Second international conference on "Great Migrations" held at Columba University in December 1-2, 2011] / Michael David Frachetti, Robert N. Spengler III, editors
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Frachetti, Michael D.. Directeur de publication
Spengler III, Robert N.. Directeur de publication
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cop. 2015
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Suisse, Allemagne, Etats-Unis d'Amérique, Pays multiples
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[Cham] ; [Heidelberg] ; [New York (N.Y. [etc.]] : Springer, cop. 2015
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1 vol. (XIII-202 p.) : cartes, graph., couv. ill. ; 27 cm
978-3-319-15137-3 (rel.). - 978-3-319-15138-0 (e-book)
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Chapter 1: Introduction Michael D Frachetti and Robert N. Spengler III
Chapter 2: Nomadic Mobility, Migration, and Environmental Pressure in Eurasian Prehistory Michael D. Frachetti
Chapter 3: Early Human Expansion into Kazakhstan and Subsequent Paleolithic Migrations Zh. K. Taimagambetov
Chapter 4: Tracing Human Movements from Siberia to the Americas: Insights from Genetic Studies Theodore Schurr
Chapter 5: Stemmed Points, the Coastal Migration Theory, and the Peopling of the Americas Jon M. Erlandson and Todd J. Braje
Chapter 6: The Initial Colonization of North America: Sea-Level Change, Shoreline Movement, and Great Migrations David G. Anderson and Thaddeus G. Bissett
Chapter 7: Early Asiatic Migration to the Americas: A View from South America Gustavo Politis, Luciano Prates and S. Ivan Perez
Chapter 8: Cranial Morphology of Early South Americans: Implications for Understanding Human Dispersion into the New World Mark Hubbe, Walter Neves and Katerina Harvati
Chapter 9: How America was Colonized: Linguistic Evidence Johanna Nichols
Chapter 10: Kinship, Demography, and Paleoindian Modes of Colonization: Some Western Canadian Perspectives John W. Ives
Chapter 11: The Problem of Settlement of the American Continent: Old and New Objectives and Approaches Galina Ershova
Chapter 12: Late Pleistocene Colonization of North America from Northeast Asia: New Insights from Large-scale Paleogeographic Reconstructions James E. Dixon
Chapter 13: The Third Wave: The Results of the First International Meeting on Great Migrations and the Bronze Age Expansion out of Southern Arabia Olzhas Suleimenov
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