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Proceedings of Topical Issues in International Political Geography / edited by Radomir Bolgov ; Vadim Atnashev, Yury Gladkiy, Art Leete, Alexey Tsyb, Sergey Pogodin. - 1st ed. 2021.
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Bolgov, Radomir. Directeur de publication
Atnashev, Vadim. Directeur de publication
Gladkiy, Yury. Directeur de publication
Leete, Art. Directeur de publication
Tsyb, Alexey. Directeur de publication
Pogodin, Sergey. Directeur de publication
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10.1007/978-3-030-58263-0 (Source : DOI)
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The challenges of contemporary higher education. - Challenges of migration into the European Union & proposal of solution through education. - Migration and dual education system as major countermeasures for problems on labor market in Federal Republic of Germany and Russian Federation. - Socio-political and political-geographical aspects of migration processes on the European continent. - The crisis of the multiculturalism policy in Sweden. - Environmental zoning of a large city (on case of Khabarovsk). - Dichotomy of globalization and deglobalization processes in the modern world. - Russian identity in the age of globalization and regionalism. - Modern African regionalism in civilizational dimension. - Towards the problems of Islamic regionalism in Latin America: history and current status of formation. - The political status of Greenland in the 21st century: the way from the colony of the Kingdom of Denmark to the possible 51st state of the USA. - History and symbolics of the Catalan sovereignism in the context of geopolitics. - Ideology and geography of foreign policy of Philip II the Prudent considering philosophical and political discourse of the era. - The psychological aspects in political ideas of the Cambridge Platonists as an alternative to 17th century global thinking. - Historical knowledge as a tool for predicting the prospects of political geography (on the example of New Serbia). - Geographic distribution of foreign businesses in Russia in the 10th -17th centuries. - Democracy culture in the Central Asian republics after the independence: the impacts of socio-economic and political. - Alternative models of political participation of population in developed and developing countries: cases of Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and Uruguay. - Correlation between closed nationalism and extremism: the cases of Zionist Israel and Apartheid South Africa. - The migration organization and policies in the Turkish public administration: an overview. - Changes in Swedish foreign policy after 2018 general elections. - Geography of oil and gas of the Russian Federation in the world markets. - Russia's new Eastward policy and transnational development cooperation in the Far East. - Geopolitical / geoeconomical risks and national security of Russia. - Geopolitical consequences of the end of the Cold War in the post-Soviet space: prerequisites for the emergence of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. - China's infrastructural expansion in Southeast Asia. - Development of BRICS cooperation mechanism under the new geopolitical conditions. - International legal problems of fighting corruption in the context of geopolitical integration. - Revisiting international law's discussion on the moral status of the fetus. - Is the UN environmental protection activity effective?. - Humanistic content of international cultural exchanges in the modern era. - The role of music as a tool for cultural diplomacy during and after the USSR period in the development process of Azerbaijan-Turkey relations. - Cultural cooperation between Russia and Iraq in the context of the common national identity problem of Iraqi people. - Culture as the basis for shaping a positive image of Russia: potential, problems, and solutions. - Finno-Ugric cultural rights in the context of sustainable tourism in North-Western federal district of Russia. - Geo-branding as a tool for providing Russia's interests in the international arena.
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This proceedings book addresses the main issues of contemporary political geography and international relations, providing a platform for discussion and collaboration of experts in the fields of Political Geography, Geopolitics, International Relations, and International Law. Participants from all over the world consider the controversies and challenges posed by globalization, focusing, in particular, on the ideologies of globalization and regionalism, migration crises, prevention of ethnic conflicts, and measures to counteract racism, xenophobia, and extremism.
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Proceedings of Topical Issues in International Political Geography [Texte imprimé]. - ISBN 9783030582623
Proceedings of Topical Issues in International Political Geography [Texte imprimé]. - ISBN 9783030582647
Proceedings of Topical Issues in International Political Geography [Texte imprimé]. - ISBN 9783030582654
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Political science
International relations
Economic geography
Human geography
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