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Livres 1.
Leach, Bernard (1887-1979) / Faber and Faber / [1960]
Livres 2.
Goldensohn, Lorrie (1935-....) / Columbia University Press / 2006Résumé
Livres 3.
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht / 2017
Ressources électroniques 4.
A catalogue of the libraries of that learned antiquarian Nathaniel Boothe, Esq; and others, purchased since the harleian collection : Containing above twenty-thousand volumes, relating to the history and antiquities of all nations; amongst which are, the journals of the House of Lords, 105 vols. in manuscript. The votes of the House of Commons, 48 vols. The London, Gazette, 40 vols. The counties of England, 30 vols. Sir William Dugdale's works, 14 vols. Prynne's records and writs, large paper. The Greek and Roman historians, poets, and orators, of the most pompous editions; partcularly the louvre classicks; on royal paper, in Morocco. A set of the royal calssicks, in usum delphini, in 60 vols. in Morocco. The elzevir, and other fine editions of the classicks, in Moracco. A grand collection fo ancient missals, decretals, breviaries, natural historians, &c. all printed on vellum; illuminated with beautiful limnings; amongst the rest are Aristotle;s and Plato's works. The garden of health, 2 vols. with above a 1000 prints of birds, beasts, plants, &c. beautifully painted in their natural colours, and embellished with gold. The history of the kinights of the round-table, 2 vols, with near a hundred large prints, finely coloured. The sea of histoires, 2 vols. with 430 beautiful cuts, painted int hte most exquisite manner, The four ages of the world, with above two-hundred cuts, beautifully adorned with gold, and other colours. A Roman missal, with above a hundred cuts, illuminated to the greatest perfection; representing the life Our Saviour and his apostles, with several other fine missals and breviaries, beautifully painted, and ornamented with gold. The golden legend, with 178 prints, painted in lively colours, and raised with gold. The book of sports: or, The manner of hunting, &c. in Ms. with 65 large drwings, neatly illuminated. A very ancient Roman missal, in Ms. with beautiful paintings in every page. The Louvre councils, in 37 vols. in Morocco; and a large number of fine Bibles by field, and other eminent printers, with curious cuts richly adorned, several of them being presentation books to the crowned heads of England; particularly Q. Elizabeth, K. Charles II. and Q. Anne books of physick, surgery, anatomy, and natural history, with many of the ancient physicians. Aldrovandus's works compleat; in 13 vols. civil, canon, and common law books. Troctatus Tractatuum, 28 vols &c. Books of medals, inscriptions, mathematicks, and other arts and sciences. To which is added, a fine collection of Italian, Flemish, and French prints, by the greatest masters, and a choice parcel of original manuscripts. On account of the largeneess of this collection, there is a longer time than usual given for the sale, that gentleman, who live at a distance, may have time to peruse the catalogue, to see the particular books they have occasion for; which they may do every day (the books being in order) till the day of sale, which will be on monday, the 12th day of January, for ready money (only) the prices being marked cheaper than usual, in the first leaf of each book, at T. Obsorne's in Gray's-Inn, and will continue selling all the summer season. where may he had money for any library or parcel of books. N.B. In the month of February will be sold the largest and best chosen collection of pamphlets and single tracts, both ancient and modern, ever seen together, containing above three-hundred thousand, collected by the late Earl of Oxford, and never yet exposed to sale; which, by reason of their number, being too expensive to print a catalogue, will be ranged under the several heads mentioned at the end of this catalogue
Osborne, Thomas (17..-1767) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 5.
1st ed. 2019. / Springer International Publishing / 2019Résumé
Ressources électroniques 6.
A catalogue of the valuable library of the learned James Thompson, esq; deceased; with a collection of a gentleman lately gone abroad: consisting of scarce and valuable books, in most languages and faculties, in the Greek, Latin, Italian, French and English Languages, most of them neatly Bound and Gilt, or Letter'd. Amongst many others are the following: Folio. General System of Horsemanship, 2 V. Salmasii in Plinianae, 2 T. Ch. Max. Roma Sotterania di Bosio. Military History, 2 Vol. History of China, 2 Vol. Camden's Britannia, by Gibson, 2 V. Golii Lexicon, Arab. - Latinum. Chauncy's Hertfordshire. Thoroton's Nottinghamshire. Raii Historia Plantarum, 3 Tom. Tillotson's Works, 3 Vol. Locke's Works, 3 Vol. Willoughby of Birds. Xenophontis Opera, Gr. Lat. Paris State Tryals, 6 Vol. Scriptores Decem, 2 Tom. Burnet's own Times, 2 Vol. Flamsteed's Atlas Coelestis. Bundy's Roman History, 6 Vol. Quarto. Perspective des Jesuites, 3 Tom. Ruyschii Opera, 2 Tom. Hoffman Medicina Rationalis, 8 Tom. Petronii Arbitri Notis varior. Panegyrici Veteres usum Delph. Aristidis Opera, 2 Tom. Juvenalis & Persius varior. 2 Tom. Wagenseilii Sota. Tournefort's Voyages, 2 Vol. Pomet on Drugs. Boerhaave's Chemistry, by Shaw. Ridolfi Vite Pittori, 2 Tom. Horatius Bentleii. Terentius Bentleii. Atlas Geographus, 5 Vol. Marianae Historiae Hispaniae. Mauriceau Maladies des Femmes, 2 T. Diogenes Laertius, Gr. Lat. 2 Tom. Wolfii Bibliotheca Hebraica, 4 Tom. Which will be sold very Cheap, the lowest Price of each Book being marked in the Catalogue, by William Bathoe, bookseller, In Church Lane, near St. Martin's Church in the Strand, almost opposite York Buildings. Catalogues to be had gratis at Mr. Lewis's Russel Street, Covent Garden, at St. Paul's coffee-house, Paul's Church-Yard, Mr. Owen's next the Devil Tavern, Fleet-Street, Mr. Merril at Cambridge; and at the place of sale. Where may be had Money for any Library, or Parcel of Books
Bathoe, William (17..-1768 ; libraire) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 7.
A catalogue of books, in various languages, and almost all arts and sciences; chiefly imported from abroad; containing a great number of classic authors, of the best Editions. To which is added, the Library of the late Admiral Tyrrel, Including a large Collection of Astronomical, and Mathematical Books, all in good Condition. In this Collection are, Folio. Cateshy's Carolina, illum. 2 vol. Wenman's Herbal, coloured, l. p. 6. v. Seligman's Birds, coloured, 5 vol. Huquier's Birds, &c. of China Kirby's Perspective, l. pap. Clarendon's Rebellion, 4 vol. l. p. Basket's Bible, 2 vol. imp. paper Norden's Travels, 2 vol. Postlethwayte's Dict. 2 vol. Harris's Voyages, 2 vol. Chambers's Dictionary, 2 vol. System of Geography, 2 vol. General Dictionary, 10 vol. Borlase's Cornwall, 2 vol. Universal History, 9 vol. Boyle's Works, 5 vol. Mariana's Spain Rycaut's Peru Dart's Westminster, 2 vol. Patrick, Lowth, Whitby, 6 vol. Coke on Littleton, best edit. Caxton's Vita Patrum Antiq. de Montfaucon, 15 v. gr. pap. Pierres Antiques de B. Stoch, Morocco Temple des Muses, Morocco Scheuchzer Phys. Sacra, 4 vol. Diction. de Commerce, 4 vol. Corps Diplomatique, 19 vol. Supplement du Corps Diplomat. 5 v. Diction. de Richlet, 3 vol. Erasmus Opera omnia, 10 vol. l. p. Sandrart Opera, 15 tom. Cabinet de Vandyke Teneirs Theat. Pictoria Dion. Cassius, edit. opt. 2 vol. Homer, Eustachius. Gr. 4 vol. Ammianus Mar. ed. op. Plutarch, Polybius, Gr. & Lat. Par. Strabo, 2 vol. Gr. & Lat. Biblia Polyglotta, 8 vol. S. Hieronymi Op. 5 vol. ed. op. Walteri Lex Diplomat. Overbeke's Antiq. 3 vol. Bibliotheca Rabinica, Bartolocii, 5 v. Assermani Bib. Orient. 4 vol. Dict. della Ling. Castellana, 6 vol. Steph. Thesaur. Ling. Gr. 5 vol. Spanbemius Num. 2 vol. Hortus Elthamensis, 2 vol. -Clifortianus Leopold's Machinarum, 4 vol. Medicae Artis Principes Quarto. Inscript. des Belles Let. 30 vol. Orinthiologie de Brisson, 6 vol. Livii, Crevier, 6 vol. Moliere, 6 vol. Par. Polybe de Folard, 6 vol. l. pap. Cicero Olivet. 9 vol. Milton's Works, 5 vol. Gardnier's Logarithms. Which will begin to be sold this day (very cheap) the lowest Prices printed in the Catalogue, by Thomas Wilcox, At Virgil's-Head, opposite the New Church in the Strand. Of whom may be had the full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books, also Books exchanged
Wilcox, Thomas (bookseller) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 8.
Archetype publications : in association with Colonial Williamsburg / 2013Résumé
Ressources électroniques 9.
A catalogue of above fifteen thousand volumes : In which are included the libraries of John Parsons, of Merton-College, Oxford, and of the Rev. Mr. Gray, of Southwicke, in Sussex, with several other large parcels of law, mathematicks, divinity, and English history, of gentlemen, deceased, &c. The whole making a large assortment of valuable books in most languages, arts, and sciences, and in general are in very good condition. Among which are the following. Rapin, and Tindal's Contin. 5 vol. in rus. Holingshed's Chronicle, 2 vol. best edit. Camden's Britannia, 2 vol. I. p. Morant's Essex, 2 vol. 1. p. eleg. in rus. Atkyns's Gloucestershire, 1. p. in rus. Stukeley's Abury, elegant Borlase's Cornwall Thurloe's State papers, 7 vol. Dart's Westminster-Abbey, 2 vol. Carte's Hist. of England, 4 vol. in rus. Rights of elections determined by the House, MSS. Harrington's works, best, elegant Calenter of the H. of Lords, 3 vol. MSS. Burnet's reformation and own time, 5 vol. elegant, in rus. Guthrie's, 5 vol. Eachard's Oldmixon's 3 vol. Robinson's and Tyrrel's History of England Strype's Annals of the reformation, 4 vol. Clarke's works, 4 vol. l. p. Balkerville's Bible, in Morocco Patrick, Lowth, and Whitby, 6 vol. stackhouse, 2 vol. and blome on the Bible Bunyan's, 2 vol. Barrow's, 3 vol. and Tillotson's works, 3 vol. Montsaucon's Antiquities and supplementt; 10 vol. 1. p. in rus. bound in 5 Churchill's Voyages, 3 vol. in rus. Harris's voyages, 2 vol. eleg. Rycaut's commentaries of Peru Pocock's Travels, 2 vol. in rus. Universal history, 8 vol. half bound Duncan's Cæsar, eleg. in rus. Whiston's Josephus, 2 vol. fine p. eleg. Atkyn's Reports, 3 vol. Barnardiston's Reports, 3 vol. Peere Williams's Reports, 3 vol. Lord Raymond's Reports, 2 vol. Strange's Reports, 2 vol. Mosely's reports Levinz's reports, 2 vol. Pollexsen's Reports, 1. p. Freeman's Reports Fortescue's Reports Bacon's Abridgment, 5 vol. Hale's Pleas of the crown, 2 vol. Horseman's Conveyancer, 2 vol. Domat's Civil law, 2 vol. best Bayle's dictionary, 5 vol. Scapula's lexicon, eleg. in rus. edit. opt. Chambers's, 4 vol. Johnson's, 2 vol. James's, 3 vol. Ainsworth's, 2 vol. Postlethwayt's, 2 vol. Bailey's, Delpino's, Chambaud's, and Miller's Dict. all elegant in rus. Biographia Britannica, 7 vol. in rus. Barrow's Dictionary and supplement Grotius on war and peace, best, in rus. Barlow's ^DAesop, fine copy Salmon's Herbal, 2 vol. fine p. Parkinson's Herbal Chambers's View of Kew-Gardens Visher's Fine cuts to the Bible Hill's History of animals, 1. p. Urry's Chaucer, 1. p. Leonis Palladio, by Inigo Jones Dion Cassius Reimari, 2 tom. eleg. Ciceronis Opera Stephani, 2 tom. Clement. Alexand. Opera, per potter, 2 tom. 1. Cæsari in metal. Dal pedrufi, 10 tom. Which will be sold very cheap (for ready money only) the lowest price in the catalogue, on Thursday the 24th of August, 1769, and continue daily on sale, by William Otridge, bookseller opposite the north-side of the New Church in the Strand; where most money is given for any library or parcel of books, of books exchanged. Catalogues to be had of the following booksellers; Mr. Robson, of New Bond Street; Mr. Ridley, St. James'-street; Mr. Walter, Charing-cross; Mess Curtis, Fleet-Street; Mr. Harris, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Mr. Cooke, at the Royal Exchange; Mr. Merrill and Mr. Woodyes, at Cambridge; Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Prince, of Oxford; Mr. Blackman, at Reading; Mess. Palmer and Bucket, at Bristol; and at the place of sale
Otridge, William (17..-1812 ; libraire-relieur) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 10.
Yang, Jidong / Association for Asian Studies / 2022Résumé