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dust Mots du titre [1841]
line Mots du titre [10363]
the Mots du titre [5343720]
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The last will, of George Fox, the Quakers great apostle : as it was all written by his own hand, and is now lying in the Prerogative-Office, by Doctors-Commons, London: attested by three eminent Quakers, whose names are under-mentioned; with a copy of the affidavit in Latin, taken out of the said office, signed by Thomas Wellham, Deputy of the Registary. Containing two columes; that on the left-hand, being the original, in his false English and spelling; the other on the right-hand, put into true English, the original being unintelligible. Published to convince the world, that he who made this will, and cou'd not write one line of true English, (and yet pretended high skill in the learned languages, witness his battledoor and primer to the two universities; who said in his battledoor, all languages were no more to me than dust, who was, before languages were) is not the author of any one page in all those books, which the Quakers have impudently publish'd under his name
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