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Child psychotherapy : practice and theory / Mary R. Haworth, editor
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Haworth, Mary Robbins (1911-....). Éditeur scientifique
Date(s) : 
cop. 1964
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Pays : 
Etats-Unis d'Amérique, Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord
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New York ; London : Basic Books, cop. 1964
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1 vol. (xv-459 p.) ; 24 cm
1-568-21265-8 (rel.). - 978-1-568-21265-4 (rel.)
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Part one Theoretical considerations. - Toys and reasons / Erik Erikson. - Differential uses of play in treatment of young children / Fanny Amster. - Concepts of play therapy techniques / Adolf Woltman. - Nondirective therapy / Virginia Axline. - An evaluation of presence trends in psychotherapy with children / Ralph Rabinovitch. - Reaction types in maladjusted children / Agnes McClure. - Some considerations regarding psychotherapy with psychotic children / Sibylle Escalona. - Antisocial young children and their families / Eveoleen Rexford. - Part two structure. - Child analysis and the mother / Dorothy T. Burlingham. - Work with the parents / Lidia Jackson and Kathleen M. Todd. - Confidentiality in child guidnace treatmen / Alan. Ross. - Introducing the child to the therapeutic situation / J. Louise Despert. - The eight basic principles / Virginia M. Axline. - Establishing rapport / Virginia M. Axline. - The beginning phase of therapy / Frederick H. Allen. - Structuring the relationship / Clark E. Moustakas. - The initial session and its alternatives / Erik H. Erickson. - Using the first interview as a basis for therapeutic planning / J. Louise Despert. - The psychoanalytic play technique / Melanie Klein. - Techniques of therapy / Alan O. Ross. - Problems in the playroom / Haim G. Ginott. - Limits are therapy / Ray H. Bixler. - The theory and practice of "therapeutic intervention" in child treatment / Haim G. Ginott. - The time element in therapy / Jessie Taft. - Part three Process. - Child's growth in play therapy / Elizabeth F. Hellersberg. - Libidinal development as reflected in play / Lili E. Peller. - The nature of the child's initial resistance to psychotherapy / Joel Markoqitz. - The ego's defensive opersations considered as an object of analysis / Anna Freud. - Theoretical implications / Jessie Taft. - Technical aspects of the analysis of a child with a severe behavior disorder / Selma Fraiberg. - The ego's participation in the therapeutuc alliance / Liselotte Frankl and Ilse Hellman. - Accepting the child completely / Virginia M. Axline. - A field-theory approach to transference and its particular application to the children / Hanna Colm. - Counertransference / Ben O. Rubenstein and Morton Levitt. - Recognition and reflection of feelings / Virginia M. Axline. - Clinical observation of play disrutption in young children / Erik H. Erikson. - The psychoanalytic play technique / Melanie Klein. - Interruption and termination of treatment / Alan O. Ross. - The ending phase of therapy / Frederick H. Allen. - Coments on termination / Jessie Taft. - Part four Symbolism and play themes. - Nonverbal aspects of therapy with children / Elwyn M. Smolen. - Play as expression of conflict / Lydia Jackson and Kathleen M. Todd. - Diagnostic and therapeutic considerations of nonverbal projective activites with children / Adolf G. Woltmann. - The use of food in therapy / Mary R Hawthorn and Mary Jane Keller. - The use of drawings as a method of child psychoanalysis / Madeleine L. Rambert. - Mud and clay, their functions as developmental aids and as media of projection / Adolf G. Woltmann. - the benefits of water play / Ruth E. Hartley, Lawrence K. Frank, and Robbert M. Goldenson. - Changes in meaning of play / Lydia Jackson and Kathleen M. Todd. - Use of fantasy communications in child psycholotherapy / Lily H. Gondor. - A psychoanalytic study of the fairy tale / Emanuel K. Schwartz. - Psychological rationale of puppetry / Adolf G. Woltmann. - Fantasy in middle childhood / Audrey Davidson and Judith Fay. - The use of checkers in handling certain resistances in child therapy and child analysis / Earl A. Loomis, Jr.. - Part five Evaluation. - The therapeutic process / Clark E. Moustakas. - The present status of research on nondirective play therapy / Dell Lebo. - Research in play therapy / Haim G. Ginott. - Therapist and patient- learning problem / Rudolf Ekstein and Robert S. Wallerstein
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Notes bibliogr. Index
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Forty-five specialists discuss the major theoretical and methodological approaches
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Child psychotherapy
Child Psychiatry
Projective Techniques
Enfants -- Psychothérapie
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