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Point-counterpoint : readings in American government / Herbert M. Levine
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Levine, Herbert. Auteur
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Etats-Unis d'Amérique
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1 vol. (XIV-439 p.) ; 23 cm
0-382-18054-2. - 978-0-382-18054-5
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Does a power elite prevent the people from ruling? (Yes: The structure of power in American society / C. Wright Mills ; No: Rule by the few as a solution / Robert A. Dahl). - Can the United States engage in covert operations abroad and still be considered a democracy? (Yes: The view from Langley / William E. Colby ; No: Covert operations / Morton H. Halperin). - Did the Founding Fathers believe in democracy? (Yes: Democracy and The Federalist : a reconsideration of the framers' intent / Martin Diamond ; No: What the Founding Fathers did / Michael Parenti). - Is American democracy only for the rich? (Yes: The rules of politics as determinants of power / W. Duane Lockard ; No: Black progress and liberal rhetoric (race) / Ben J. Wattenberg). - Can the states be trusted to meet the most important domestic priorities? (Yes: The new federalism : can the states by trusted? / Daniel J. Elazar ; No: Is it Jeffersonian? / Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.). - Does revenue sharing benefit the poor and minorities in the way categorical grants-in-aid were intended? (Yes and no: Revenue sharing : the pro and con arguments / Michael D. Reagan). - Is government regulation of pornography an infringement of civil liberties? (Yes and no: What is a civil libertarian to do when pornography becomes so bold? / Walter Goodman). - Will the Equal Rights Amendment improve the rights of women? (Yes: Cool facts for the hot-headed opposition / League of Women Voters ; No: The Equal Rights Amendment / Sam J. Ervin, Jr.). - Do quota systems deny constitutional rights under the Equal Protection Clause? (Yes: Allan Bakke v. The Regents of the University of California / Stanley Mosk (for the majority) ; No: Allan Bakke v. The Regents of the University of California / Matthew O. Tobriner (dissenting)). - Is enforced busing of students for the purpose of integration unnecessary? (Yes: The busing crusade / Irving Kristol ; No: Another perspective on busing / Norman Goldfarb). - Do the television media distort the news? (Yes: TV news and public opinion / Marvin Maurer ; No: Broadcasters in a free society : common problems, common purpose / Herbert S. Schlosser). - Do interest groups serve the public interest? (Yes: A senator looks at the lobbies / Eugene J. McCarthy ; No: Pluralist structures or interest groups? / George McGovern). - Are there significant differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party? (Yes: How different are the two major parties? / Kenneth Prewitt and Sidney Verba ; No: The realities of American democracy / George Novack). - Should we abolish the Electoral College? (Yes: A case for direct election of the president / Kenneth Kofmehl ; No: A case against direct election of the president / Austin Ranney). - Should congressional elections receive public financing? (Yes: Congressional campaigns should be publicly financed / Dick Clark ; No: The case against public financing of congressional campaigns / John Tower). - Are strong presidents desirable in the American political system? (Yes: The case for a strong presidency / Theodore Sorensen ; No: Against presidential greatness / Nelson W. Polsby). - Was the Nixon presidency an aberration? (Yes: Portrait of a presidency / Peter Jenkins ; No: The abuse of Richard Nixon / Nick Thimmesch). - Is more government intervention the best way to solve economic and political problems? (Yes: A hope / Michael Harrington ; No: Bureaucracy : paternalism on the Potomac / Sam Steiger). - Should the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) be more closely monitored by Congress? (Yes: The CIA needs stronger congressional supervision / Frank Church ; No: Too much congressional intervention in foreign policy is dangerous / Barry Goldwater). - Will sunset laws give Congress more power to control the bureaucracy? (Yes: Sunset laws are necessary / Peter DeLeon ; No: What's wrong with sunset laws / Ron Randall). - Should Congress have stronger powers in the conduct of foreign policy? (Yes: The case for the War Powers Bill / Jacob Javits ; No: The case against the War Powers Bill / Barry Goldwater). - Should the courts pursue a philosophy of judicial restraint? (Yes: The orthodox, or anti-activist view : Mr. Justice Frankfurter / Wallace Mendelson ; No: The role of the Supreme Court in a democratic society : judicial activism or restraint? / J. Skelly Wright). - Are government subsidies the answer to America's urban crisis? (Yes: Is recovery really possible? / Paul R. Porter ; No: A Marshall plan for cities? / Norton E. Long). - Should the government regulate the sale and ownership of guns? (Yes: We need to control guns / Edward Kennedy ; No: Gun control is a hoax / Robert J. Kukla). - Should the government restrict the development of nuclear power? (Yes: The hazards of nuclear power / Mike Gravel ; No: Controversy over the safety of nuclear energy production / Mike McCormack). - Is the United States defense establishment strong enough to cope with Soviet military threats? (Yes: It's budget time again : "The Russians are coming!" / David Cortright and Robert Borosage ; No: What is our defense program for? / Eugene V. Rostow). - Does détente favor the Soviet Union? (Yes: Détente is a Soviet trick / Alexander Solzhenitsyn ; No: Détente with the Soviet Union / Henry Kissinger). - Should the United States adopt an activist policy regarding human rights in other nations? (Yes: Human rights : more than mere rhetoric / Susan M. Davis ; No: Human rights and American security interests / Ryan J. Barilleaux). - Should the United States impose economic sanctions on the South African government in order to promote majority rule? (Yes: The case for sanctions / Andrew Young ; No: South Africa and United States security interests / Robert L. Schuettinger)
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Rec. de textes extr. pour la plupart de diverses revues et publ., 1958-1977
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Point-counterpoint.. - Morristown, N.J. : General Learning Press, ©1979
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United States -- Politics and government
United States
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