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Livres 1.
Stahlberg, Lesleigh Cushing (19..-....) / T & T Clark / cop. 2008
Ressources électroniques 2.
Hill, Rowland (1744-1833) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 3.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg / 2010Résumé
Livres 4.
Delhaye, Philippe / Desclee Co. / [1968?]
Ressources électroniques 5.
Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 6.
Oxford University Press / 2006
Ressources électroniques 7.
A practical scheme of the secret disease, : and broken constitutions. Teaching persons, 1st. To understand rightly their own case: whether infected or not: In what Degree of Malignity: And if perfectly well after former Cures. II. To Cure themselves in a Few Days as well as if no such thing had ever been, of Secret Injuries, Heats of Urine, Old Gleets, & other Weaknesses: also a Broken, Spoiled, Decayed and Ruined Constitution and Habit of Body, by Fast-Living, Former ill Cures, Salivations, and Mercury, without Slip-Slops of Physick, Suspicion, Confinement, or Telling their Case to any one. Clearly explaining to any Person the most certain Signs to know this Disease by, with the true method of Curing it: As When? How much? And what sort of Purging is Necessary for the Cure of it? And what Degrees of it may be cured without. Being the most Methodical Account of the Secret Disease ever yet Published: And consequently is worth any ones Reading, who either [illegible] Were: Are now: Or probably may be in any Venereal Circumstances whatsoever: & wish their own & Posterity's welfare. This Book is Given Gratis in English: French: High German: Low Dutch: Spanish: Italian: Portuguese: Swedish: Danish: and Polish Languages, for the use of Forreigners. At Mrs. Garway's at the Royal Exchange Gate next Cornhil. At Mr. Coopers a Toy Shop the corner of Charles Court by Hungerford-Market near Charing Cross. And Up One Pair of Stairs at the Sign of the Sugar-Loaf a Confectioners Shop over against Old Round Court near the New Exchange in the Strand. Where Only and no where else the following Necklace belonging to the Philosophical Essay at the end of this Scheme, is to be had. Dedicated to Dr. Chamberlen. - Note. That altho the following Philosophical Essay (which I desire all my Readers seriously to peruse) upon The Celebrated Anodyne Necklace Recommended by Dr Chamberlen for Children's Teeth, &c. at the end of this Scheme, is Given away at all the 3 just now mentioned Places togather with this Scheme, being joined both togather in this Book: Yet the Necklace it self is to be had only at the Last of these 3 places, that is, at the abovementioned Sugar-Loaf over against Old Round Court in the Strand, & not at the 2 other places
The seventeenth edition. Entered in the Hall-book. / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 8.
Languages, writing, &c. John Crisp, : (late Assistant at the Royal Academy, And at two eminent Grammar Schools, the one kept by the Rev. Mr. Knox, Author of the famous and learned Essays on Education, at Tunbridge, in Kent; the other by the Rev. Mr. Mant, at Southampton, in Hampshire, from whence he can produce a Character that will bear close Investigation with respect to his Abilities and moral Conduct,) Acquaints young Gentlemen and Ladies, that he has opened a School for their Reception, at No. 28, Long-Acre, facing the King's Coach-Maker, where they will (but with a small Number of young Ladies in a different Apartment) be taught by Mr. and Mrs. Crisp all the various Accomplishments suited to their Sex, Birth, and respective Rank in Life, that can be expected from any Institution of this Kind; such as Writing, English in a critical Manner, French, Latin, Greek, &c. Mr. C. is a Londoner educated at the University of Paris, and flatters himself of being able to write or speak French to such a Degree of Perfection as to pass for a Frenchman, even among French Critics. There also will be proper Persons to instruct them in the other Arts and Sciences. Scholars may at this Seminary learn English with Purity and Elegance; and French is taught not (as is too often the Case) in a loose and slovenly Manner, or as one would teach a Parrot, by rote, but grammatically by him; who, having made it his Study, is competent to point out with Accuracy, the various Idioms of that Language, as also the true Parisian Accent. - It is also proper to observe, that Mr. C. means to carry on, at the same Time, a small Bookseller and Stationer's Shop, where such of his Pupils, &c. may buy, or be furnished, while at School, with the newest and best Publications in all Languages; a Matter certainly worthy of Attention, as the greatest Care will be taken in the Selection of Books which may compose their Library. N. B. A Nobleman's Family, or School in or very near Town, may be attended. - Foreigners or English Gentlemen or Ladies may be instructed in the English, or converse in French two or three Times a-Week in the Evenings, either at the Academy, or at their Houses, if more agreeable
Crisp, John (assistant at the Royal Academy) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 9.
Karpov, Alexey / 1st ed. 2021. / Springer International Publishing / 2021Résumé
Livres 10.
Mettinger, Tryggve N. D (1940-....) / Fortress Press / 1988