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Livres 1.
Burnside, John (1955-....) / Princeton University Press / 2018
Livres 2.
Smithsonian Institution Press / 1992
Livres 3.
Scholar Press / cop. 1997
Livres 4.
Paradigm Publishers / c2009
Ressources électroniques 5.
The genuine tryal of Capt. John Porteous, : before the High Criminal Court, or the Lords of Justiciary, in Scotland; for firing his own piece, and ordering the men under his command to fire amongst the spectators, at the Execution of Andrew Wilson, in the Grass-Market of Edinburgh, the 14th of April, 1736. By which six Persons were kill'd, viz. Charles Husband, Archibald Ballantyne, John Anderson, Alexander Macneil, Margaret Gordon, and Henry Graham: And eleven Persons dangerously wounded, viz. Margaret Arthur, Jane Peat, David Wallace, James Philp, David Kidd, Patrick Spalding, James Lyle, Alexander Wallace, John Miller, David Ogilvie, and James Nivan. Containing 1. The Libel or Indictment of his Majesty's Solicitor-General against Porteous. 2. Interlocutor, or Judgment of the said Lords on the 6th July, 1736, upon it. 3. The Names of the Assize or Petit-Jury. 4. The Prisoner's judicial Confession. 5. The Information for his Majesty's Advocate, for his Highness's Interest, against Captain Porteous, on July 12th, 1736. 6. The Information of the Council, or Advocates for the said Captain Porteous, on the 13th July, 1736. N. B. These contain the curious and learned Pleadings of Council of both sides, according to the Civil, Municipal, and Common Law of all Nations in such Cases. 7. The particular Depositions and Examinations of twenty six Witnesses, adduc'd upon the 19th of July 1736, by his Majesty's Advocate or Attorney General, for proving the Libel. 8. The Depositions and Examinations of the sixteen Witnesses adduc'd by the Council for the Prisoner. 9. Verdict return'd by the aforesaid Jury, the 20th July, 1736. 10. The Sentence pronounc'd by the Lords upon the Jury's returning this Verdict. 11. The Petition of Captain Porteous presented to her Majesty Queen Caroline, Guardian of these Realms, for Mercy. 12. A full and true Account of the Mob's executing him the 7th of September, 1736. More Authentick than any yet publish'd
Porteous, John (d. 1736) / The second edition. / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 6.
A catalogue of books, : Including the libraries of the following gentlemen, lately deceased, viz. Francis Hiorne, Esq; F. A. S. of Warwick; The Reverend Thomas Osborne, D. D. Rector of Clifton, Bedfordshire. Henry Brooker. Esq; late Keeper of the Records in the Augmentation Office; Marmaduke Overend, Esq; of Chiswick; The Collection of Books of Architecture of Kenton Couse, Esq; late of the Board of Works; And the Medical Library of a Physician, who has left Practice: Also a singular Assemblage of Old English Poetry and Plays. Amongst others equally valuable are Military and Religious Orders, 800 Drawings, in colours, 8 vol. Morocco Antichita D'ercolano, 8 vol. Russ. Hodges's Views in India, on silk paper Piranesi's Works, 17 vol. Russ. Vitrovius Britannicus, 5 vol. large paper Atlantic Neptune, by Des Barres, 4 vol. Merian's Views, 11 vol. Graevius, Gronovius, & Burmann. 70 vol. Hill's Vegetable System, 26 vol. Seba Thesaur. Rer. Natur. 4 vol. Russ. Catesby's Carolina, 2 vol. coloured Weinman's Flowers and Fruits, 8 vol. do. Merian's Surinam Insects, ditto. Merian's European Insects, 3 vol. coloured by the Author Martyn, Born and Knott's Shells, ditto. Cramer, Ernst, Wilkes and Harris's Moths and Flies, ditto Sepp, Rosell, and Stoll's Insects, ditto Edwards, Lewin, Seligman and Brown's Birds, ditto Scheffer's Birds, Insects, &c. 12 vol. ditto Miller and Plenck's Plants, 4 vol. ditto Knott's Petrifactions, 4 vol. ditto Petiveri Opera, 3 vol. Moracco Morisoni Hist. Plant. 2 vol. ditto Salvianus de Piscibus Cowper, Albinus, Hunter and Smellie Biblia Polyglotta Waltoni, 8 vol. Russ. Biblia Polyglotta, Montani, 8 vol. Kennicol's Bible, and Woide's Test. 3 vol. Erasmi Opera, 11 vol. Lactantius, 1468-T. Aquinas, 1469 V. Max. Spira, 1471-Plinius Jenson, 1472 Herodotus, 1474-Diog. Laertius, 1475 Astronomi Veteres, ap. Aldum Breydenback Peregrinationes - 1486 Caesaris Comment. Clarkii, Morocco Platonis Opera, Serrani, 3 vol. ditto Doleti Comment. Ling. Lat. 2 vol. Russ. Stephani Thesaur. Gr. 6 vol. - Ducange & Carpentier Gloss. 10 vol. Meninski, Golii & Giggaei Lexicon Encyclopedie, 33 tom. - Paris Moutfaucon, & Supplem. 15 t. gr. papier. Fables de la Fontaine, 4 tom. ditto Polyphih Hypnerotomachia - Ald. Speculum Salvationis, MS. Domesday Book, 2 vol. Russia State Trials, 11 vol. large paper, Russ. Froissart and Hollinshed's Chronicles, ib. Drake's York, and Harris's Kent. l. paper Stukeley's Stonehenge and Abury, 2 vol. Edmondson's Peerage, 6 vol. Nisbet's System of Heraldry, 2 vol. Various Heraldical Manuscripts Purchas and Hackluyt's Voyages Montfaucon in English, 7 vol. large paper Shakspeare, 1st, 2d and 3d edit. Caxton's History of Troy Boke of Faytes and Armes, Caxton The Book of St. Albons, MS. Spectator, Tatler and Guardian, 6 vol. orig. edit. Prevost, Recueil des Voyages, 26 tom. Harding's Bandello, 3 vol. large paper Tacitus, Brotier, 4 vol. cb. max. Aristides, a Jebb, 2 vol. ditto Silius Italicus, Drakenborch, ditto Ovidius Burmanni, 4 vol. ditto Horatius Bentleii, ditto Elziver Classics, 93-vol. Morocco Painter's Palace of Pleasure, 2 vol. Political State of Great Britain, 60 vol. Parliamentary Debates, &c. 136 vol. which are now selling, 1791 (for ready Money) By Thomas and John Egerton, (successors to Mr. Millan) at the Military Library, Whitehall. - The full Value given for Libraries
Thomas and John Egerton / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 7.
InteLex / cop. 1992
Ressources électroniques 8.
UMI / 1999
Livres 9.
Virgile (0070-0019 av. J.-C.) / New ed. / Bristol Phoenix Press / cop. 2007
Livres 10.
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) / The sixth edition / 1813