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Livres 1.
Ford, Philip (1949-2013) / Brill / 2013, cop. 2013
Livres 2.
Rhodes, James Ford (1848-1927) / Macmillan / 1902
Ressources électroniques 3.
Proceedings in a cause lately depending before the Parliament of Paris, : in the nature of a ravishment of ward: wherein Philip Journeaulx, Esq; guardian to Deodata and Elizabeth Roach (children of John Roach of London, Merchant, deceased, and formerly Major of Fort St. George) was appellant; and Richard Quane (late a Bankrupt in London, but now a Refugee at Paris) and others were defendants; For secreting and detaining the said Young Ladies in divers Convents from their Mother and Guardians in England, and for clandestinely marrying the Eldest (not Twelve Years old) to the said Quane's Son. Containing the arguments and Pleadings in Court (in Presence of the English Minister) of M. Gueau de Reverseaux, a Learned Advocate, and Counsellor of the Parliament, and of Mr. Journeaulx the Guardian, demanding Judgment for annulling the said Marriage, and Delivery of his Wards, as Subjects of the Crown of Great Britain: In which a great Principle of the Law of Nations was debated, Viz. To what Nation two Children belong that were born at Fort St. George in the East-Indies? Translated from the French originals sign'd by the said advocate and guardian
Journeaulx, Philip / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 4.
Two sermons : the first from Psalm CII. 19, 20. Delivered the Lord's-Day before the execution of Levi Ames. Who was executed at Boston, Thursday October 21. for burglary. Aet. 22. This discourse was preached at the desire of the criminal, who also attended on the occasion. The second from Proverbs XVII. 25. Preached the Lords-Day after his execution; and designed as an improvement of that awful event, by way of caution to others. To which is added, at the request of many, an account of the exercise of his mind, from the time of his condemnation, till he left the world; together with the conversation the author had with him as he walked with him from the prison to the gallows. By all which, compared with his latter conduct, he may be thought in a judgment of charity, to have died, a penitent thief. By Samuel Stillman, A.M. Pastor of the First Baptist Churc in Boston. [One line from Luke]
Stillman, Samuel (1738-1807) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 5.
Great Britain. Lord High Steward (1747 : Hardwicke) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 6.
Cambridge French Renaissance colloquium (04 ; 1994) / Cambridge French colloquia / 1996
Ressources électroniques 7.
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751) / The fourth edition. / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 8.
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751) / The fourth edition. / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 9.
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751) / The second edition, corrected. / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 10.
Marlowe, Christopher (1564-1593) / Modern Library / cop. 1950