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Livres 1.
Hendershot, Clarence / [Editeur inconnu] / 1968
Livres 2.
Woodman, David Charles (1956-....) / McGill-Queen's University Press / cop. 1995
Livres 3.
[English ed.] / Telleri / 1998
Ressources électroniques 4.
Bibliotheca literaria; seu librorum maximé insignium catalogus: containing a very curious and uncommon collection of Books in most Languages, relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland, [Ressource électronique] : of Foreign Countries, the Fathers, Common, Civil and Canon Law, Divinity, Sculpture, Architecture, Painting, Mathematicks, Voyages, Romances, Poetry, Physick, Anatomy, Natural History, Trade, &c. Classicks in Usum Delph. Par. Edit. cum Notis Variorum, and printed by Vascosan, Colinaeus, R. Stevens, and Elzevir senr. Amongst which are Spelman's Councils, 2 vol. Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum, 3 vol. Pere Montfaucon, Grand Papier; Mezeray, 3 vol. Edit. non chastree; Leoni's Palladio, 5 vol. 1st Edit. Statutes at large, 3 vol. most of the Reports; Field's Bible, 2 vol. with fine Dutch Cuts, bound in Russia: Likewise several Manuscripts on Vellum, relating to the Laws of England, &c. which formerly belonged to the Famous Mr. Lambard. Which will begin to be sold very cheap (the Price mark'd in each Book) by Charles Davis, at Dick's Coffee-House in the Little-Piazza, Covent-Garden, on Tuesday the third of December, 1723. at Nine of the Clock in the Morning. Catalogues may be had gratis at Mr. King's, in Westminster-Hall; Mr. Stokoe's, at Charing-Cross; Mr. Franklyn's, under Tom's Coffee-House, Mr. Woodman's, under Will's, Covent-Garden; Mr. Lintott's, in Fleetstreet; Mr. Osborn's, by Grays-Inn-Walks; Mr. Strahan's, in Cornhil; Booksellers: at the Chapter Coffee-House in Pater-Noster-Row; and at the Place of Sale
Davis, Charles Belmont (1866-1926) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 5.
Pomfret, John (1667-1702 ; poète) / / 1797
Livres 6.
Woodman, David Charles (1956-....) / McGill-Queen's University Press / 1991
Livres 7.
Milton, John (1608-1674) / / 1803
Livres 8.
Casino Luxembourg / 1998
Ressources électroniques 9.
Dibdin, Charles (1745-1814) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Périodiques 10.
Edward I. Sears / 1860-1880