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Livres 1.
Ruff, Thomas (1958-....) / Skira / 2009
Livres 2.
A tour through the island of Great Britain. Divided into circuits or journies. Containing, I. A description of the principal cities and towns, their situation, government, and commerce. II. The customs, manners, exercises, diversions, and employments of the people. III. The nature and virtue of the many medicinal springs with which both parts of the United Kingdom abound. IV. An ample description of London, including Westminster and Southwark, their bridges, squares, hospitals, churches, palaces, markets, schools, libraries, shipping in the Thames, and trade, by means of that noble river, &c. V. The produce and omprovement of the Lands, the trade, and manufactures. VI. The sea ports and fortifications, the course of rivers, and the inland navigation. VII. The public edifices, seats, and palaces of the nobility and gentry. VIII. The isles of Wight, Scilly, Portland, Jersey, Guernsey, and the other English and Scotish isles of most note. Interspersed with useful observations. Particularly fitted for the perusal of such as desire to travel over the island. Originally begun by the celebrated Daniel De Foe, continued by the late Mr. Richardson, author of Clarissa, &c. and brought down to the present time by gentlemen of eminence in the literary world. The eighth edition, with great additions and improvements. In four volumes. Vol. I. [-IV.]
Defoe, Daniel (1661?-1731) / / 1778
Livres 3.
Kerber / cop. 2013
Livres 4.
Amson, Daniel / [2e édition augmentée] / Presses universitaires de France / 2015Résumé
Ressources électroniques 5.
Edward Elgar Publishing / 2017Résumé
Livres 6.
Brougham, Henry (1778-1868) / / 1747-[1766]
Livres 7.
Granada Cañada, Daniel / Edizioni Cantagalli / 2016
Livres 8.
Eggers, Daniel (1973-....) / W. de Gruyter / cop. 2008
Livres 9.
Brougham, Henry (1778-1868) / / 1747
Livres 10.
Levy, Thomas Evan / The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press / 2014Résumé