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The Routledge companion to the environmental humanities / edited by Ursula K. Heise, Jon Christensen, and Michelle Niemann
Mémoire ou thèse (version d'origine)
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Heise, Ursula K.. Éditeur scientifique
Niemann, Michelle (19..-....). Éditeur scientifique
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Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord
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1 vol. (XVI-489 pages) : ill. ; 26 cm
978-1-138-78674-5 (rel.). - 1-138-78674-8 (rel.). - 9781317660194 (erroné)
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D'après une série de séminaires sur "The environmental humanities : emergence and impacts", tenus durant l'année académique 2014-2015 à University of California, Los Angeles
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Notes bibliogr. Index
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Planet, species, justice, and the stories we tell about them / Ursula K. Heise
The anthropocene : love it or leave it / Dale Jamieson
Domestication, domesticated landscapes, and tropical natures / Susanna B. Hecht
"They carry life in their hair" : domestication and the African diaspora / Judith A. Carney
Domestication in a post-industrial world / Libby Robin
Meals in the age of toxic environments / Yuki Masami
Hybrid aversion : wolves, dogs, and the humans who love to keep them apart / Emma Marris
Techno-conservation in the anthropocene : what does it mean to save a species? / Ronald Sandler
Coloring climates : imagining a geoengineered world / Bronislaw Szerszynski
Utopia's afterlife in the anthropocene / Anahid Nersessian
Renaissance selfhood and Shakespeare's comedy of the commons / Robert N. Watson
Multispecies epidemiology and the viral subject / Genese Marie Sodikoff
Encountering a more-than-human world : ethos and the arts of witness / Deborah Bird Rose and Thom van Dooren
Loving the native : invasive species and the cultural politics of flourishing / Jessica R. Cattelino
Artifacts and habitats / Dolly Jørgensen
Interspecies diplomacy in anthropocenic waters : performing an ocean-oriented ontology / Una Chaudhuri
The anthropocene at sea : temporality, paradox, compression / Stacy Alaimo
Turning over a new leaf : Fanonian humanism and environmental justice / Jennifer Wenzel
Action-research and environmental justice : lessons from Guatemala's Chixoy Dam / Barbara Rose Johnston
Farming as speculative activity : the ecological basis of farmers' suicides in India / Akhil Gupta
Ecological security for whom? : the politics of flood alleviation and urban environmental justice in Jakarta, indonesia / Helga Leitner, Emma Colven, and Eric Sheppard
Our ancestors' dystopia now : indigenous conservation and the anthropocene / Kyle Powys Whyte
Collected things with names like mother corn : native North American speculative fiction and film / Joni Adamson
The stone guests : buen vivir and popular environmentalisms in the Andes and Amazonia / Jorge Marcone
Play it again, Sam : decline and finishing in environmental narratives / Richard White
Hubris and humility in environmental thought / Michelle Niemann
Losing primeval forests : degradation narratives in South Asia / Kathleen D. Morrison
Multidirectional eco-memory in an era of extinction : colonial whaling and indigenous dispossession in kim scott's that deadman dance / Rosanne Kennedy
The Caribbean's agonizing seashores : tourism resorts, art, and the future of the region's coastlines / Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert
Bear down : resilience and multispecies ethology / Brett Buchanan
Contemporary environmental art / James Nisbet
Slow food, low tech : environmental narratives of agribusiness and its alternatives / Allison Carruth
Mattress story : on thing power, waste management rhetoric, and Francisco de Pájaro's trash art / Maite Zubiaurre
Touching the senses : environments and technologies at the movies / Alexa Weik von Mossner
Climate, design, and the status of the human : obstacles and opportunities for architectural scholarship in the environmental humanities / Daniel A. Barber
Climate visualizations : making data experiential / Heather Houser
Digital ? Environmental : humanities / Stéfan Sinclair and Stephanie Posthumus
From the xenotext / Christian Bök ; The body and environmental history in the anthropocene / Linda Nash
Material ecocriticism and the petro-text / Heather I. Sullivan
Fossil freedoms : the politics of emancipation and the end of oil / Hannes Bergthaller
Scaling the planetary humanities : environmental globalization and the Arctic / Sverker Sörlin
Some "f" words for the environmental humanities : feralities, feminisms, futurities / Catriona Sandilands
Biocities : urban ecology and the cultural imagination / Jon Christensen and Ursula K. Heise
Environmental humanities : notes towards a summary for policymakers / Greg Garrard
The humanities after the anthropocene / Stephanie LeMenager.
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