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Napoli, New York, Hollywood : film between Italy and the United States / Giuliana Muscio
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Etats-Unis d'Amérique
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1 vol. (V-360 p.) : ill. ; 27 cm
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978-0-8232-7938-8 (br.)
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9780823279388 (br.)
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La 4e de couverture indique : "Napoli/New York/Hollywood is an absorbing investigation of the significant impact that Italian immigrant actors, musicians, and directors--and the southern Italian stage traditions they embodied--have had on the history of Hollywood cinema and American media, from 1895 to the present day. In a unique exploration of the transnational communication between American and Italian film industries, media or performing arts as practiced in Naples, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, this groundbreaking book looks at the historical context and institutional film history from the illuminating perspective of the performers themselves--the workers who lend their bodies and their performance culture to screen representations. In doing so, the author brings to light the cultural work of families and generations of artists that has contributed not only to American film culture but also to the cultural construction and evolution of 'Italian-ness' over the past century"
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P. 21. 1. Italian performers in American silent cinema
P. 70. 2. Aristocrats, acrobats, Latin lovers, and waiters : Italian in American silent cinema
P. 100. 3. A filmic grand tour : American silent films "made in Italy"
P. 157. 4. American cinema in Italian : the formation of Italian American culture
P. 209. 5. Italian actors in classical Hollywood cinema
P. 253. 6. Transnational neorealism : toward an Italian American film hegemony
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Napoli / New York / Hollywood : film between Italy and the United States
Napoli, New York, Hollywood : film between Italy and the United States
Napoli/New York/Hollywood : film between Italy and the United States
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PN1995.9.I73. M87 2019
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