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Woven on the wind : women write about friendship in the sagebrush West / edited by Linda Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier, and Nancy Curtis
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Etats-Unis d'Amérique
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1 vol. (XIX-310 p.) : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
0-395-97708-8 (br.). - 978-0-395-97708-8
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A collection of true stories, poems, and reflections from women who live in the interior West
Sommaire : 
I- My feet set down roots: the grounding
My heart still grins / Jane Wells
June and I, singing / June Frankland Baker
Thinking of rain in the dry season / Kathleene West
No room for strangers / Mary Hadley
Dear Judy /Sherry Schultz Shillenn
Letter to a "friend" / Agnes L. Wich
Goldie / Helen Applegarth McConnell
The rapture / Diane J. Raptosh
Girls' night out / Shannon Dyer
Something of the earth / Joyce Badgley Hunsaker
Sisters / Stephanie Pershing Buehler
Love and light / Deb Carpenter
Without a doubt / Eva Potts Wells Burton
If ... / Peggy Sanders
Pearls from the milk / Sheila Vosen-Shorten
Tea with Daphne / Anne Slade
Preserving / Caroline Patterson
Trinity / Stephanie Painter
Stella He / May H. Baughman
Aunt Noi / C.L. Prater
The oldest daughter / Jo-Ann Swanson
Homemade noodles / Cheryl Anderson Wright
The path / Charlotte M. Babcock
Secret sin / Norma Nelson Duppler
Ladies aid / Barbara M. Smith
Light / Sandra Gail Teichmann
Prairie ocean / Echo Roy
That's what neighbors do / Kathryn E. Kelley
Rosario / Mary Peace Finley
Elvira / Ginny Jack Palumbo
Six artists at a country retreat / Linda M. Hasselstrom
Beverly / Lorrie Mydland
Twinkle, twinkle little star / Jeannie Fox
Summer friends / Saundra DeRemer
Learning how to be lonely / Betty Downs
Dormant seeds sprouting / Faye Schrater
Of potatoes and the wind / Janelle Masters
Pearls / Lee Ann Roripaugh
The art of living the moment / Robin Littlefield
The women / Judith McConnell Steele
Sigga / Lillian Vilborg
Lupe's song / Ellen Vayo
The lady who knew how to live / Lucy L. Woodward
Resolving Mrs. Wackerly / Eileen Thiel
Spun sugar / Ellen Waterston
Capes / Karen N. Miller
Wyoming mother / Dawn Senior
Women in the rain / Candy Hamilton
Belonging to the Black Crows / Dorothy Blackcrow Mack
Pink iron nails / Sue Leever
Ghost of April, 1978 / Carolyn Dufurrena
Joan / Dianna Torson
Some things never change / Mary Harman
Marriage / Mary Lou Sanelli
Up Fortification Creek / Sureva Towler
Divas for a day / Barbara Rinehardt
Dear Berry / Sharon R. Bryant
Friends for life / Wanda Morgan
A man's work / B.J. Buckley
II- Leaves speak for you : the nourishing
Chokeberries / Thelma Poirier
Coming home / Diane Josephy Peavey
Friends because / Colette "Koko" Knutson Gjermundson
Letters to Lil / Charlotte M. Babcock
Time for friendship / Dianne P. Rood Kiesz
La-vin-i-a / Nancy Curtis
There were no women / Laurie Wagner Buyer
Because men rule / Wanda Rosseland
The reclamation / Anne Fantaci Clement
Who else? / Karen Obrigewitch
Gram's vegetables / Karen M. Berry
At the prairie, the day before / Twyla Hansen
Saying good-bye to 'Nali / Jennifer Green
Backbeat / Page Lambert
Strung on sinew / Ara Anderson
Handwork / Jennifer Graf Groneberg
Whatever works / Linda Boyden
Lessons learned by hand / Bernie Koller
Granma's gloves / Ellen Vayo
Old ladies go hunting / Heidi R. Cousins
Muskrat ramble / Lois Hart
Spider beside her / Donna Parks
The storm / Lee Ann Siebken
Passage / Tina Welling
End of the world / Sandie Nicolai and Norma J. Kulas
Huddled for warmth / Donna Gray
Mother love / Ruby R. Wilson
The woman, listening on the party line / B.J. Buckley
Shifting gears / Gin Scott
Comadres / Claudette Ortiz
Barriers of silence / Gael Seed
Majesty / Vee Hageman
Hog wars / Kathy Hanks
Don't step in the cactus / Donna Britton Harvey
The night / Tena Cook Gould
Trying to remember she is now a man / Mary Lou Sanelli
Vi and me / Pamela J. Ochsner
Whistling girls and knitting / Phyllis M. Letellier
Sybil Harris / Lois Jean Moore
Barbed wire and Robert Frost / Pearle Henriksen Schultz
Knowing with the heart / Gaydell Collier
Maybe slower is better / Jody Strand
Leah, bright and dark / Mary Alice Gunderson
The heart knows / Cleo Cantlon
The Sunset Café / Patricia Archie
At forty-five / Julene Bair
Full Monty / Rian Connors
Living without loneliness / Elizabeth Canfield
A woman's place / Lyn DeNaeyer
Sky, grass, rain, and sage / Nedalyn D. Testolin
Daily acts of courage / Jane Elkington Wohl
III- New flowers unfolding : the promise
Oyurushi : forgiveness / Lee Ann Roripaugh
The company of women / Susann McCarthy
She was writing / Lora K. Reiter
The wedding shower / Carol Boies
Linda / Lucy Adkins
The legacy / Kay Marie Porterfield
Resurrections / Lyn DeNaeyer
The gift / A. Rose Hill
Word / Susan Minyard
Tapestry of knots / Virginia Bennett
Pilgrimage / Maura T. Callahan
What makes our lives / Emily Boies
Tea for two / Georgia Rice
Sisterhood / Patricia Frolander
Dear Ann / Darcy Acord
Common ground / Shelly Whitman Colony
OSB, Holy ground / Hildegard Dubnick
The concubine / Mary Garrigon
Anneen / Sue Hartman
Wild roses / Thelma Poirier
My mother's moccasins / Sophie Dominik Echeverria
Her soul lives here / Melinda Stiles
Let the circle be unbroken / Mary E. Schnell
Melissa / Janet E. Graebner
Reclaiming mother's world / Louise Engelstad
Matrimony / Diane J. Raptosh
The shell game / Gwen Petersen
Cycles / Bonnie Larson Staiger
Alva in the fields / Jo-Ann Swanson
How I became my own woman / Candi Red Cloud
Defying bare branches / Katy Paynich
Dear quilting sisters / Laura Hawkins Grevel
Jean / Susan Vittitow
Come home / Donna Applegarth Mentink
Before she left / Maureen Tolman Flannery
How the west was won / Hilary Barton Billman
Car pool friendship / Maureen Cain
Circled in shadows / Louise Steneck
To breathe on my own / Maureen Helms Blake
Below zero--December / Jane Elkington Wohl
Cultivating the iris, dawn of change / Vanessa Hastings
The waiting / Doris Bircham
To smooth a mountain / Cindy Bellinger
Barefooting summer / A. Rose Hill
The field road / Susan Austin and Laurie Kutchins
These women speak in dreams / Jeanne Rogers
My old aunts play canasta in a snowstorm / Marjorie Saiser
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Woven on the wind.. - Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2001
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PS561. .W63 2001
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