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fMRI techniques and protocols / edited by Massimo Filippi
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Filippi, Massimo (1961-....). Éditeur scientifique
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Etats-Unis d'Amérique
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New York : Humana, c2009
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1 vol. (XIII-843 p.) : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm
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1-603-27918-0. - 978-1-603-27918-5
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Part I. BOLD fMRI: basic principles. - Principles of MRI and functional MRI / Ralf Deichmann. - Introduction to functional MRI hardware / Luis Hernandez-Garcia, Scott Peltier, and William Grissom. - Selection of optimal pulse sequences for fMRI / Mark J. Lowe and Erik B. Beall. - High-field fMRI / Alayar Kangarlu. - Experimental design / Hugh Garavan and Kevin Murphy. - Preparing fMRI data for statistical analysis / John Ashburner. - Statistical analysis of fMRI data / Mark W. Woolrich ... [et al.]. - Dynamic casual modeling of brain responses / Karl J. Friston. - Brain atlases: their development and role in functional inference / John Darrell Van Horn and Arthur W. Toga. - Part II. fMRI application to measure brain function / fMRI: application in cognitive neuroscience / Mark D'Esposito, Andrew Kayser, and Anthony Chen. - fMRI of language systems / Jeffrey R. Binder. - Imaging brain attention systems: control and selection in vision / George R. Mangun ... [et al.]. - fMRI of memory / Federica Agosta, ... [et al.]. - fMRI of emotion / Simon Robinson, Ewald Moser, and Martin Peper. - fMRI of pain / Emma G. Duerden and Gary H. Duncan. - fMRI of the sensorimotor system / Massimo Filippi and Maria A. Rocca. - Functional imaging of the human visual system / Guy A. Roban and Zoe Kourtzi. - fMRI of the central auditory system / Deborah Ann Hall and Aspasia Eleni Paltoglou. - Part III. fMRI clinical application. - Application of fMRI to multiple sclerosis and other white matter disorders / Massimo Filippi and Maria A. Rocca. - fMRI in cerebrovascular disorders / Nick S. Ward. - fMRI in psychiatric disorders / Erin L. Habecker, Melissa A. Daniels, and Perry F. Renshaw. - fMRI in neurodegenerative diseases: from scientific insights to clinical applications / Bradford C. Dickerson. - fMRI in epilepsy / Rachel Thornton, Robert Powell, and Louis Lemieux. - fMRI in neurosurgery / Oliver Ganslandt ... [et al.]. - Pharmacological applications of fMRI / Paul M. Matthews. - Application of fMRI to monitor motor rehabilitation / Steven C. Cramer. - Part IV. Future of fMRI development. - Integration of measures of functional and structural MRI / Heidi Johansen-Berg ... [et al.]. - Functional MRI of the spinal cord / Patrick W. Stroman and Massimo Filippi
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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RC386.6 .M34
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