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Globalisation and agricultural landscapes : change patterns and policy trends in developed countries / edited by Jørgen Primdahl, Simon Swaffield
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Primdahl, Jørgen. Éditeur scientifique
Swaffield, Simon R.. Éditeur scientifique
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Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord, Etats-Unis d'Amérique
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1 vol. (XV-275 p.) : ill., cartes ; 26 cm
978-0-521-73666-4 (br.). - 978-0-521-51789-8 (rel.)
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Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
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La 4e de couv. indique : "Whilst agricultural landscapes are products of the local ecosystem and community in which they are situated, they are becoming increasingly affected by the same global issues, and are converging under the dynamics of globalisation. Combining landscape ecological research and an examination of relevant public policy, this book investigates the dynamic relationship between agricultural landscapes and the global change processes, such as urbanisation, by which they are being transformed. Landscape change is analysed in the context of biophysical patterns, market dynamics, and specific public policy frameworks, through a series of case studies from different OECD countries spanning Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Particular emphasis is placed upon the way that landscapes are changing under differing policies of agricultural subsidy including the EU Common Agricultural Policy. This is an ideal resource for graduate students and researchers in landscape ecology and agriculture as well as policy analysts working in the agricultural sector."
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1 Globalisation and the sustainability of agricultural landscapes Jørgen Primdahl and Simon Swaffield
Agricultural liberalisation, multifunctionality and the WTO: competing agendas for the future of farmed landscapes Clive Potter
3Globalisation of agricultural landscapes: a land systems approach Anette Reenberg, Tobias Langanke, Søren Bech Pilgaard Kristensen and Tina Svan Colding
4 Agricultural landscape changes through globalisation and biodiversity effects Jacques Baudry, Santiago Poggio, Francoise Burel and Catherine Laurent
5 Swiss agricultural policy reform: landscape changes in consequence of national agricultural policy and international competition pressure Nadja El Benni and Bernard Lehmann
6 Local landscape consequences of macro scale policy reform: the New Zealand experiment Simon Swaffield
7 Rural landscape differentiation in the face of changing demands and policies: a typology of rural areas in Portugal Teresa Pinto-Correia
8 Globalisation and the local agricultural landscape: current change patterns and public policy interventions Jørgen Primdahl
9 From totalitarian to democratic landscapes: the transition in Estonia Hannes Palang and Anu Printsmann
10 Rural landscape change as a product of US federal policy Joan Nassauer
11 New approaches for urban-rural areas in Dutch spatial planning Marjan Hidding and Marcel Pleijte
12 Restoring agricultural landscapes in shrinking cities: re-inventing traditional concepts in Japanese planning Makoto Yokohari, Marco Amati, Jay Bolthouse and Hideharu Kurita
13 Globalisation and the sustainability of agricultural landscape systems: emerging themes and a research and policy agenda Jørgen Primdahl and Simon Swaffield
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