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Livres 1.
Harrison, James R. (1952-....) / Mohr Siebeck / cop. 2011
Ressources électroniques 2.
A rare and new discovery of a speedy way and easie means, found out by a young lady in England, she having made full proofe thereof in May, anno 1652 : For the feeding of silk-worms in the woods, on the mulberry-tree-leaves in Virginia: who after fourty dayes time present there most rich golden-coloured silken fleece, to the instant wonderfull enriching of all the planters there, requiring from them neither cost, labour, or hindrance in any of their other employments whatsoever. And also to the good hopes that the Indians, seeing that there is neither art, skill or pains in the thing: they will readily set upon it, being by the benefit thereof inabled to buy of the English (in way of truck for their silk-bottomes) all those things that they most desire. So that not only their civilizing will follow, thereupon, but by the infinite mercie of God, their conversion to the Christian faith, the glory of our nation, which is the daily humble prayer of Virginia for Virginia. With two propositions tending to England's and the colonies infinite advantage
Hartlib, Samuel (1600?-1662) / UMI / 1999
Livres 3.
Kite, Stephen / Legenda, Modern Humanities Research Association : Maney Publishing / 2009
Livres 4.
Hunsberger, Donald (1932-....) / Second edition / McGraw-Hill / [1992]Résumé
Ressources électroniques 5.
Primitive Christianity reviv'd and restor'd : Or, The state of a reformation in full to the will of God and Christ, humbly propos'd to the consideration of all men, kings, states, churches, and private persons whatever; and that as a stand, both as the most purely, sincerely, and holily to the mind to God; and yet at the same time the most inoffensively to the interest of every private person whatever. Omne tubit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci. Behold then here, I. Christ's axe laid full to the root of the tree of sin in the world. II. Christ's converting powers of the word, stated in their brightest reasonings, and that in order to their being further and better carried on in their irresistible powers. III. The royal supremacy and power of Kings and states fix'd and establish'd in religion, beyond all dispute and contradiction whatever, and that for ever and ever. IV. A new stand propos'd, and whereby near every state of preferment even in the Church of Rome may be so fix'd, as to become the most righteous establithment, to the glory of God, and the good of man. Surely nothing but the devil himself then can desire to resist God, when the interest of opposing his is so taken away. Say man, then, that thou wilt not repent, yet at least have patience to see, read, and consider how good and just God is; and as such, how most assuredly he'll condemn thee, if thou they self art other. Ah! let God be true, and every man a liar. Ah! behold here then the ground that the whole earth must stand upon, if ever they'll hope to please God. Ah! all nations, religions, sects and churches, see here their true, full and proper call, if ever they'll hope for the prelence and blessing of God. God, by Christ, expects all men to receive the righteous and wise. Deep thought then i verily believe will make this book answer its title, and that even in every thing, and the eyes of all men, provided it be perused and received with candor: and thus therefore is finished the first cry of the most high God to men to come out of the spirutual Babylon or Egypt. Humbly dedicated To His Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament, that thro' their most graclous favour, protection and encouragement, so holy, and most universally happy and blessed proposals, may have their most desirable issue; and that as in further encouragement to their better reception by all other people and nations whatever. Says the apostle, the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets; all rhese things therefore, tho whote with fullest freedom, are deliver'd with duty and submission to proper superiors; and to be the most readily corrected, where found opposing the just laws of God or the state
Cengage Gale / 2009