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gough Tous les mots [1825]
orlando Tous les mots [14402]

Matériel audio-visuel 1.
Lewis, Jonathan / France Télévision / 2008Résumé
Livres 2.
Churchill, Caryl (1938-....) / Nick Hern Books / 1998Résumé
Ressources électroniques 3.
For ready money only. A catalogue of scarce and valuable books, (Lately purchased) comprising, an assortment of ancient and modern literature. : Amongst which are the following, folio Crozat. Recueil, d'estampes, 2 vol. Overbeke Ancienne Rome, 3 vol. Houbraken's heads, by Birch Camden's Britannia, by Gough, 3 vol. Dugdale's Monasticum, 3 vol. Banier's Ovid's Metamorphoses Careshy's Carolina, ... vol. Sloan's Jamaica, 2 vol. Miller's plants Weinman's Description of Plants, 3 vol. Chambers's dictionary, 5 vol. Bayle's General Dictionary, 10 vol. Serrani's Platonis, 2 vol. Straboni's Geographia, large paper Polybius, Causaboni Pausanies, Muhnii Diodorus, Wisselingii, 2 vol. Thucydides, Dukeri Harris's Voyages, 2 vol. Norden's travels, 2 vol. Rapin's History of England, 5 vol. Tenier's Gallery Dart's Antiquities of West. Abbey, 2 vol. Spencer's Polymetis Cowper's Anatomy Westenii Testamentum, 2 vol. quarto. Grose's Antiquities, 10 vol. Walpole's Anecdoetes, 4 vol. Copper-plate Magazine Opere di Dante, 5 vol. Orlando Furioso, 4 vol. Cook's Voyages, 2 vol. Philosophical Transactions, 32 vol. Burney's History of Music, 4 vol. Remmur Hist. des Insect, 6 vol. Raefel's Ditto, 4 vol. Plukenetii Opera, 4 vol. Pomet's History of Drugs Harris's insects Octavo. Monthly Review, 92 vol. Annual Register, 33 vol. Cook's Voyages, 4 vol. Martin's Magazine, 13 vol. Johnson's Poets, 75 vol. Buffon Hist. Naturelle, 54 vol. Orlando Furioso, Baskerville, 4 vol. Decameron di Boccacelo, 5 vol. Opera Dante, 5 vol. Metastsio, 11 vol. Oeuvres de Voltaire, 40 vol. Theatre de Corneille, 12 vol. The lowest prices are marked in the catalogue. By S. Vandenbergh, No. 9, King-street, near St. Margaret's Church Westminister. Catalogues to be had at the place of sale, price six-pence. The full value given for any library or parcel of books. N.B. That no person may take offence, no books will be delivered until paid for.-It is humbly requested, that
Vandenbergh, Simon / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 4.
Third Millennium Pub., in association with Francis Kyle Gallery / cop. 2006
Ressources électroniques 5.
A catalogue of a curious, scarce, and useful collection of books, containing upwards of fifty thousand volumes. : To which is added a select collection of prints. Amongst this extensive variety in every class of ancient and modern literature, are to be found the following valuable articles: Drake's York, large and small paper Thoroton's Nortinghamshire Fuller's worthies of England Gough's sepulcharl monuments, 3 vol. Halfpenny's Gothic ornaments Norden's Egypt, atlas folio Macklin's edition of the Bible Dart's Westminster, 2 vol. Frisch's birds, 3 vol. coloured Edward's birds, 7 vol. coloured Roesel's insects, 4 vol. coloured Curtis's Flora-Londinensis, 5 vol. colured. Ellis's zoophytes, coloured Campbell's vitruvius, 5 vol. in 3 Mollinshed's Chronicle, 3 vol. in 2 Grose's antiquities, 10 vol. Walpole's anecdotes, 5 vol. Strawb. Hill Ionian antiquities, 2 vol. Philosophical transactions, 55 vol. Statutes at Large, 17 vol. Sir William Jones's works, 6 vol. Encyclopædia Britannica, 18 vol. Unique Cabinet Bible 3 vol. quarto Hill's vegetable system, 26 vol. Hill's British herbal, L.P. coloured. Buffon et Cepede, Hist. Naturelle, 38 tom. Pinaches enluminees de buffon, 5 tom. Encyclopedia methodique, 103 tom. Codex Eezæ, edit, kipling, 2 vol. Palladio, fabbriche e i disegni, 4 vol. Vetusta monumenta, 3 vol. Salastio por Don Gabriel - Maaric Sebæ thesaurus, 4 vol. Hortus cliffortiano. Flora Danica, 7 vol. Livii opera, draken borch, 7 vol. Taciti opera, brotier, 4 vol. Bodoni's parma classics, 10 vol. Metaisasio, opera di, 12 vol. Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, 4 vol. Plutarchi Vitæ, Gr. Lat. 5 vol. Salerne, histoire naturelle, coloured Bibliotheca topographica Britan,. 8 vol. Hasted's Kent, 4 vol. Hearne and Byrne's antiquities Whalley's Ben Jonson, 7 vol. Bell's poets of Great Britain, 109 vol. Horse racing calendars, 73 vol. Monthly review, 114 vol. Gentleman's magazine, 88 vol. * *The books in general are in good condition, several of them in elegant bindings, and the whole will begin to be sold, on Thursday the 31st of July, 1800, for ready money only, and continue on sale till midsummer next, By John Todd, bookseller, stationer, and printseller, in Stonegate, York, who gives the full value for libraries and parcels of books
Todd, John (d. 1811) / Cengage Gale / 2009