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Advances in military sociology : essays in honor of Charles C. Moskos / [edited by] Giuseppe Caforio
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Caforio, Giuseppe. Éditeur scientifique
Association internationale de sociologie. Organisateur de réunion
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Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord
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2 vol. (XXIX-433, XXIX-565 p.) : carte ; 24 cm
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1-8485-5890-2 (pt. A). - 978-1-8485-5890-8 (pt. A). - 1-8485-5892-9 (pt. B). - 978-1-8485-5892-2 (pt. B)
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Pt. A. Charles C. Moskos (1934-2008) / Laura Miller. - The glocalization of bereavement: bereaved families, economic discourse and the hierarchy of Israeli casualties / Udi Lebel. - pt. I: Building and sustaining peace. Many views on peace / Bandana Purkayastha. - Soldiers and scholars in a world of growing interdependence / John Allen Williams. - Conflict, peacemaking and the dynamics of humiliation / Dennis Smith. - Turning enemies into friends: the role of economic relationships in building security and sustaining peace / Lloyd J. Dumas. - The military role in the amnesty, reconciliation, and reintegration (AR2) process: an expanded framework analysis / Michael W. Mosser. - pt. 2. International military cooperation and peacekeeping operations. Cultural and political challenges in military missions: how officers view multiculturality in armed forces / Tibor Szvircsev Tresch. - Latin America in peacekeeping operations: a sociopolitical overview / Marina Malamud Feinsilber. - Polish military forces in peacekeeping missions and military operations other than war: experiences after 2000 / Marcin Sinczuch, Marian Kloczkowski, Mariusz Wachowicz --South Korean experiences in peacekeeping and plan for the future / Kyudok Hong. - Hungarian experiences from peacekeeping in Afghanistan / Zoltan Laszlo Kiss. - Greece's contribution to the Korean War (1950-1955) / Dimitrios Smokovitis. - ESDP and Russia: a decade of unfulfilled promise / Sandra Fernandes. - pt. III: Social, professional and political aspects of asymmetric warfare. Asymmetric warfare: an introduction / Giuseppe Caforio. - Expeditionary military networks and asymmetric warfare / Paul C. van Fenema. - Payday in the Afghan National Army: from Western administrative liabilities to local realities / Christiaan Davids, Joseph Soeters. - New wine, new bottles, or both? Social science contributions to thinking about and reorganizing for irregular warfare / Wilbur J. Scott, George R. Mastroianni, David R. McCone. - Interaction rituals and language mediation during peace missions: experiences from Afghanistan / Iris Hoedemaekers, Joseph Soeters. - New ways of military thinking and acting for a better world: new models: preparing forces to master unavoidable transitions / Hermann Jung. - The asymmetric answers (with the focus on Russia's rhetoric and actions) /Vladimir Rukavishnikov. - The symmetries of asymmetry: myths surrounding the notion of asymmetric war / Antulio J. Echevarria. - Pt. B. pt. I. The military profession in transition: conscription and all volunteer forces. End of conscription and problems of manning: the case of Slovenian Armed Forces / Uroš Svete, Ljubica Jelušič. - Managing diversity in all-volunteer forces: theoretical perspectives, institutional assessment and policy implications / Yantsislav Yanakiev. - General conscription in Finland after 2008: some reasons behind Finland's population's and conscripts' attitudes towards general conscription / Olli Harinen, Jukka Leskinen. - Changes in military profession in Latin American countries / Omar Gutiérrez. - pt. II. Public opinion and security issues .Slovene public opinion about security issues: a coincidence or a consistent pattern? / Marjan Malešič, Vinko Vegič. - Institutionalising European defence: main trends in European public perceptions in the age of the global war on terror / Yantsislav Yanakiev. - Between alliance and home front considerations: the German armed forces and security-related opinion polls / Sabine Collmer. - pt. III: Women in the military profession and military families. Women in conflictual situations in the war-torn Darfur, Sudan / Oluyemi O. Fayomi. - Gender integration policies in the armed forces: a double-edged sword? / Helena Carreiras. - Women in the military profession: The Greek case / L. Nicolaou-Smokoviti. - Thirty years of gender integration: cadet perceptions of women at the U.S. Air Force Academy / David R. McCone, Wilbur J. Scott. - Parents' voice: the intergenerational relationship, worry, appraisal of the deployment, and support among parents of deployed personnel / Manon Andres, René Moelker. - Military families and deployments abroad in Italy / Marina Nuciari, Guido Sertorio. - pt. IV. The military in the Asian context. Pakistani military's role in the Asian context / Riaz Ahmed Shaikh. - Military educational institutions and their role in the reproduction of inequality in the Philippines / Leslie V. Advincula-Lopez. - A basis of Mongolian defense policy and armed forces for self-defense / Turtogtoh Janar. - Foreign aid, war/military, and state building of cold war Taiwan: in search of a theoretical and comparative framework / Yu-Wen Fan. - From military professionalism to coup d'etat: concordance theory in India and Pakistan / Rebecca L. Schiff. - Whose job, what job? Security sector performance in a local Communist frontline in central Philippines / Rosalie Arcala Hall. - EU harmonisation reforms, democratisation and a new modality of civil-military relations in Turkey / Nilufer Narli. - The convergence and divergence in perceptions of security issues by military professionals and civilians in South Korea / Doo-Seung Hong, Chon-Hwan Chong. - Civil-military relations of modern Korea: from a patriarchal army to a professional army / Mahn-Geum Ohn. - Civil-military relations of Korea in the 21st Century / Byeong Jo Kim. - Demilitarizing politics in South Korea: toward a positive consolidation of civilian supremacy / Il Joon Chung
Notes : 
Contributions présentées lors de la Conférence de l'International Sociological Association tenue à Séoul en 2008
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Notes bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
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Contributions to conflict management, peace economics and development ; 12
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[Mélanges. Moskos, Charles C.]
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U21.5. .I58 2008
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