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The King's grave : the search for Richard III / Philippa Langley and Michael Jones
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2013, cop. 2013
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Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord
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London : J. Murray, 2013, cop. 2013
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1 vol. (XXVII-288 p.-[16] p. de pl. : ill., cartes ; 24 cm
978-1-84854-890-9 (rel.). - 1-8485-4890-7 (rel.). - 978-1-84854-891-6 (br.)
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Bibliogr. p. 275-276. Index
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The discovery of King Richard III's body beneath a car park in Leicester is an astonishing archaeological find of enormous historical importance; and Philippa Langley's belief that she would find Richard in this exact place ranks among the great stories of passionate intuition and perseverance against the odds. Written in alternating chapters, with Richard's 15th-century life told by historian Michael Jones contrasting with the 21st-century eyewitness account of the search for the remains, The King's Grave will be both an extraordinary portrait of the last Plantagenet monarch and the inspiring story of a unique archaeological dig. Philippa Langley says: "The King's Grave will tell the full inside story of my long search for the mortal remains of Richard III as it actually unfolded." Michael Jones comments, "The search for Richard III lays to rest the Machiavellian anti-hero and puts the man firmly back into the context of his times." Roland Philipps said : "The King's Grave is destined to be the stand-out popular history title of 2013. Even before I knew of Mike Jones's involvement I had been following the Leicester dig closely as I have always been fascinated by the character and story of Richard, as well as the accession of the Tudors in both history and as portrayed by Shakespeare. Mike's Bosworth 1485 is a brilliant work of forensic, historical clarity and his knowledge, combined with Philippa's passion and conviction that has led to this remarkable discovery and the new light it sheds, will combine to make a hugely compelling, accessible book: both a reassessment of history and a fascinating contemporary story." - Publisher
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The Search for Richard III
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