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The Palgrave handbook of image studies / Krešimir Purgar, editor
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Purgar, Krešimir (1964-....). Directeur de publication
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© 2021
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Données textuelles
978-3-030-71830-5 (PDF). - 3-030-71830-1
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10.1007/9783030718305 (Source : DOI)
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Description d'après la consultation, 2022-05-20. - Titre provenant de la page de titre du document électronique. - L'impression du document génère 980 pages. - Contient des illustrations
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Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
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PDF (2021)
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This handbook brings together the most current and hotly debated topics in studies about images today. In the first part, the book gives readers an historical overview and basic diacronical explanation of the term image, including the ways it has been used in different periods throughout history. In the second part, the fundamental concepts that have to be mastered should one wish to enter into the emerging field of Image Studies are explained. In the third part, readers will find analysis of the most common subjects and topics pertaining to images. In the fourth part, the book explains how existing disciplines relate to Image Studies and how this new scholarly field may be constructed using both old and new approaches and insights. The fifth chapter is dedicated to contemporary thinkers and is the first time that theses of the most prominent scholars of Image Studies are critically analyzed and presented in one place
Sommaire : 
1. Introduction: Between the Creation and Disintegration of Images / Krešimir Purgar
2. The Concept of the Image in the Old and New Testaments / Michael Shaw
3. Mimesis and Simulacrum in Aristotle and Plato / Nickolas Pappas
4. Iconoclastic Disputes in Byzantium / Konstantinos Giakoumis
5. Perspective, Space and Camera Obscura in the Renaissance / Ian Verstegen
6. Immanuel Kant and the Emancipation of the Image / Mojca Kuplen
7. Formalism and Kunstwissenschaft: The "How" of the Image / Andrea Pinotti
8. Aby Warburg and the Foundations of Image Studies / Steffen Haug & Johannes von Müller
9. Early Interactions of Static and Moving Images / Mirela Ramljak Purgar
10. Iconoclasm and Creation of the Avant-Garde / Nadja Gnamuš
11. Planarity, Pictorial Space, and Abstraction / Jeffrey Strayer
12. The Postmodern Image / Luca Malavasi
13. Digital images and virtual worlds / Rebecca Haar
14. The Martian Image (On Earth) / Ingrid Hoelzl and Remi Marie
15. Intentionality, Phantasy and Image Consciousness in Edmund Husserl / Claudio Rozzoni
16. Aura and Photography in Walter Benjamin / Diarmuid Costello
17. Image and the Illusion of Immanence in Jean-Paul Sartre / John Lechte
18. Trait, Identity, and the Gaze in Jacques Lacan / Andrei Gornykh
19. Symbolic Exchange and Simulation in Jean Baudrillard / Gary Genosko
20. Historicity of Observing and Vision in Jonathan Crary / Łukasz Zaremba
21. Visual Pleasure and the Male Gaze in Laura Mulvey / Patricia Stefanovic & Ana Gruić
22. Reality, Fiction and Make-Believe in Kendall Walton / Emanuele Arielli
23. The Technical Image in Vilém Flusser / Dario Vuger
24. Im/pulse to See in Rosalind Krauss / Filip Lipiński
25. The Power of and Response to Images in David Freedberg / Maxime Boidy
26. Ontological Dispute: What Is an Image? / Andrea Rabbito
27. Representation and the Scopic Regime of (Post)Cartesianism / Donal Moloney
28. The Iconic (In)Difference / Pietro Conte
29. Seeing-as, Seeing-in, Seeing-with: Looking Through Pictures / Emmanuel Alloa
30. Varieties of Transparency / John Kulvicki
31. Photographic Images in the Digital Era / Koray Değirmenci
32. Images and Invisibility / Øyvind Vågnes
33. How to make images real / Wolfram Pichler
34. Images and Ethics / Asbjørn Grønstad
35. The Beholder's Freedom. Critical Remarks on the "Will to See" / Mark Halawa-Sarholz
36. Surveillance and Manipulation vs. Networking and Sharing / Elio Ugenti
37. Mobile images / Gaby David
38. Phenomenology of the Image / Harri Mäcklin
39. Visual Semiotics / Angela Mengoni
40. Literary Iconology: Tropes and Typologies / Liliane Louvel
41. French Theory: Poststructuralism and Deconstruction / Iris Laner
42. Anglo-American Theory: Representation and Visual Activism / Andrea Průchová Hrůzová
43. German Theory: Bildwissenschaft and the Iconic Turn / Žarko Paić
44. The Image and Neuroaesthetics / Matthew Rampley
45. Visual Sociology / Carolina Cambre
46. Images and Architecture / Vlad Ionescu, Maarten Van Den Driessche, Louis De Mey
47. What is Design Theory? / Oliver Ruf
48. W. J. T. Mitchell / Krešimir Purgar
49. Michele Cometa / Valeria Cammarata
50. Paul Crowther / Elena Fell
51. Hans Belting / Luca Vargiu
52. Dieter Mersch / Marcel Finke
53. Klaus Sachs-Hombach / Lukas R. A. Wilde
54. Horst Bredekamp / Yannis Hadjinicolaou
55. Lambert Wiesing / Yvonne Förster
56. Gottfried Boehm / Rahel Vilinger
57. Georges Didi-Huberman / Andrzej Leśniak.
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Visual communication
Image (Philosophy)
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