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Ressources électroniques 1.
An historical list of horse-matches run [Ressource électronique] : and of plates and prizes run for in Great-Britain and Ireland, in the year 1766. Containing I. The Names of the Owners of the Horses that have Run as above, and the Names and Colours of the Horses also. II. The Winner distinguished of every Match, Plate, Prize, or Stakes. III. The Conditions of Running, as to Weights, Age, &c. and the Places in which the losing Horses have come in. IV. A Table of Weights that Horses are to carry for Give and Take Plates, from Twelve to Fifteen Hands high. V. A List of Stallions who covered in 1766. VI. A List of Stallions to cover in 1767. Vii. A List of the Principal Cock-Matches of the present Year, and who were the Winners and Losers of them, &c. &c. &c. With an Index to the Whole. By Reginald Heber. Vol. XVI
Heber, Reginald (1783-1826) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 2.
Waldron, Lamar (1954-...) / Counterpoint : Distributed by Publishers Group West / cop. 2012Résumé
Ressources électroniques 3.
An historical list of horse-matches, [Ressource électronique] : plates and prizes, run for in Great-Britain and Ireland, in the year 1769. Containing, I. The names of the owners of the horses that have run as above, and the names and colours of the horses also. II. The winner distinguished of every match, plate, prize, or stakes. III. The conditions of running, as to weights, age, &c. and the places in which the losing horses have come in. IV. A Table of weights that horses are to carry for give-and-take plates, from twelve to fifteen hands high. V. A List of stallions who covered in 1769. VI. A List of stallions to cover in 1770. Vii. A List of the principal cock - matches of the present year, and who were the winners and losers of them, &c. &c. &c. With an Index to the whole. By B. Walker. Vol.I
Walker, B. (fl. 1770) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 4.
Rosenthal, Casey / O'Reilly Media / 2020Résumé
Ressources électroniques 5.
Duarte, Alejandro / Packt Publishing : Dawsonera / 2013Résumé
Ressources électroniques 6.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Springer e-books / 2010Résumé
Ressources électroniques 7.
Poli, Riccardo / 1st ed. 2006. / Springer Berlin Heidelberg / 2006Résumé
Livres 8.
Welcome, John / Penguin Books / 1963
Ressources électroniques 9.
Nolan, William F. / TidalWave Productions / 2015
Matériel audio-visuel 10.
Ray, Nicholas (1911-1979) / Sidonis Calysta / 2019Résumé