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Livres 1.
Fisher, Mark (1968-2017) / Repeater / 2018
Ressources électroniques 2.
Ersbøll, Bjarne Kjær / Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Springer e-books / 2007Résumé
Ressources électroniques 3.
I try, [Ressource électronique] : & mean To gain One morefriend, That will spend His Money free, And deal with me: Fancy form'd the Scheme, And I chiefly aim At this to make my Verse, Sink deep into your Purse; If your Guineas Face to Face, Fretting are, for want of Space, In Pity set the Pris'ners free, And leave a few of them with me. Yellow-Boys properly suit my wants; If your's are all white Inhabitants, Half-Crowns or Shillings - Sixpences will do; Indeed I long to singer one or two. If your's are but Half-Pence, I. Crane, at the Top, Sits there - and invites you to come to his Shop-Since the Envy of Foes, and the Favours of Friends, Are most luckily blended to answer my Ends. Thank you, my Friends, for the burrying Times I have seen. And you my Foes too, for all the spare Minutes between. When Good-Will leads you to my Shop, then I will use you well, My Goods I wish you all to Want-Because-I want to sell
Crane, John (of Bromsgrove) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 4.
Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh / 1st ed. 2021. / Springer International Publishing / 2021Résumé
Livres 5.
SAGE Publications / 2005
Ressources électroniques 6.
Berlingerio, Michele / 1st ed. 2019. / Springer International Publishing / 2019Résumé
Livres 7.
Emerald Publishing / 2017Résumé
Ressources électroniques 8.
Beskow, Jonas / 1st ed. 2017. / Springer International Publishing / 2017Résumé
Ressources électroniques 9.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Springer e-books : Imprint: Springer : Springer e-books / 2013Résumé
Livres 10.
Ai, Weiwei (1957-....) / The MIT Press / 2011