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Cultural encounters during the crusades / edited by Kurt Villads Jensen, Kirsi Salonen, Helle Vogt
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Jensen, Kurt Villads (1957-....). Éditeur scientifique
Salonen, Kirsi. Éditeur scientifique
Vogt, Helle (19..-....). Éditeur scientifique
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anglais, allemand
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1 vol. (329 p.) : ill. en coul. ; 26 cm
978-87-7674-659-9 (rel.)
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Textes issus d'un colloque international tenu au Danish Institute à Damas du 5 au 9 octobre 2009. - Texte en anglais, une contribution en allemand
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Bibliogr. en fin de contributions. Notes bibliogr. Index
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"Cultural encounters during the crusades is an attempt to cover two distinct research areas that are both well-developed internationally, but seldom combined: Cultural studies of encounters and Crusade history. Cultural studies on encounters have often been concentrated on how societies have been able to overcome differences, continue a kind of 'Convivencia', and, as far as possible, reduce the potential for conflict. Here, encounters have been understood as adaptation, as inspiration and as loan from one culture to another. Studies on Crusade history, on the other hand, have often focused on the violent side of encounters. One part has delved into practical aspects of warfare, another part into ideological aspects: the theology of indulgence and martyrdom, the creation of a literature illustrating the cruelty of the enemy and a history-writing stressing the unavoidable conflict between cultures."--Back cover
Sommaire : 
P. 15. Cultural encounters and clash of civilisations : Huntington and modern crusading studies / Kurt Villads Jensen
P. 27. The view of the Crusades from Rome and Damascus : the geo-strategic and historical perspectives of Pope Urban II and Alī ibn Ṭāhir al-Sulamī / Paul E. Chevedden
P. 55. Saints, sinners & civilisers, or, Converts, cowards & conquerors : cultural encounters in the medieval Baltic / Torben Kjersgaard Nielsen
P. 75. The travels of Ibn Jubayr and his view of Saladin / Jonathan Phillips
P. 91. King Erik Emune (1134-1137) and the Crusades : the impact of crusading ideology on early twelfth-century Denmark / Janus Møller Jensen
P. 105. The hero meets his match: cultural encounters in narratives of wars against Muslims / Helen J. Nicholson
P. 119. First in prowess and faith : the great encounter in twelfth-century crusader narratives / Sini Kangas
P. 135. Qur'anic imagery, Jesus and the creation of a pious-warrior ethos in the Muslim poetry of the anti-Frankish jihad / Osman Latiff
P. 153. Gratian on pagans and infidels : a short outline / Bertil Nilsson
P. 165. Unlicensed pilgrims and illegal trade : late medieval cultural encounters in the Mediterranean according to the archives of the Apostolic Penitentiary 1458-1464 / Kirsi Salonen
P. 199. One God or two : the rationality behind Manuel I Komnenos' attempted reform of the abjuration formula for converts from Islam / Christian Høgel
P. 209. Der Einfluss des Islams auf die christlich-orientalische Rechtskultur / Hubert Kaufhold
P. 229. Cultural encounters in the Latin East : John of Jaffa and Philip of Novara / Peter Edbury
P. 237. Legal encounters in Estonia under Danish rule, 1219-1347 / Helle Vogt
P. 245. Pilgrimage, procession and ritual encounters between Christians and Muslims in the crusader states / Andrew Jotischky
P. 263. The Armenian kingdom and the Mongol-Frankish encounter / Angus Stewart
P. 283. The Arabists and crusader studies in the twentieth century / Robert Irwin
P. 299. The Crusades in Arab film and TV : the case of Baybars / Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen
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D160. .C86 2013
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