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Useful Toil : Autobiographies of working people from the 1820s to the 1920s / Edited by John Burnett
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Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord
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1 vol. (365 p.) : couv. ill. en coul., ill. ; 20 cm
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1ère publication : London : Allen Lane, 1974
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Bibliogr. p. 357-365
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Useful Toil opens up a vein of social history in which the participants speak for themselves. The book assembles twenty-seven extracts from autobiographies and diaries of working people betwen the 1820s and the 1920s -wheelwrights and stone-masons, miners and munition-workers, butlers and kitchen-maids, navvies, carpenters, potters and shop-assistants, to list only a few. These are the histories not of famous persons but of ordinary people, few of whom left any mark outside their immediate circle. The result is an interior view of their working lives and aspirations: a first-hand, authentic record. Their stories provide the antithesis of that kind of history which concentrates on "great names" and ignores the mass of mankind. (Editeur.)
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P. 9. Preface: Autobiographies as history.
Part 1, The Labouring Classes.
P. 23. Introduction.
P. 55. Anonymous navvy.
P. 64. Tom Mullins, farm labourer.
P. 67. Lucy Luck, straw-plait worker.
P. 77. John Ward (O'Neil), weaver.
P. 89. William Luby, sweet-boiler.
P. 99. Thomas Jordan, coal-miner.
P. 107. B.L. Coombes, coal-miner.
P. 115. Winifred Griffiths, shop assistant.
P. 125. Rosina Whyatt, munitions-factory worker.
Part 2, Domestic Servants.
P. 135. Introduction.
P. 175. William Tayler, footman.
P. 185. William Lanceley, house-steward.
P. 193. Gabriel Tschumi, chef.
P. 202. John Robinson, butler.
P. 209. Edward Humphries, page-boy.
P. 214. Lilian Westall, house-maid.
P. 220. Lavinia Swainbank, house-maid.
P. 226. Winifred Foley, general maid.
P. 234. Jean Rennie, scullery-maid, kitchen-maid and cook-housekeeper.
Part 3, Skilled Workers.
P. 249. Introduction.
P. 283. Charles Newnham, carpenter and builder.
P. 289. Emanuel Lovekin, minig "butty".
P. 297. An Old Potter (Charles Shaw).
P. 304. Thomas Wood, engineer.
P. 312. enry Broadhurst, stonemason.
P. 320. George Sturt, wheelwright.
P. 330. Paul Evett, compositor.
P. 340. Arthur Gill, gold-beater and ticket-writer.
P. 347. T.R. Dennis, cabinet-maker.
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