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Livres 1.
Pedler, Mike (1944-....) / 2nd ed. / McGraw-Hill / 1997Résumé
Ressources électroniques 2.
Lackington's catalogue for 1792. [Ressource électronique] : Consisting of one hundred thousand volumes in various languages and Classes of Learning; Including many valuable Libraries Lately purchased. With many Articles but just published; A very large Number in an uncommon Variety of plain, elegant and superb Bindings. Also many scarce, old, and valuable Books. Folio. Graevius et Gronovius, &c. 37 vol. Museum Florentinum, 7 tom. Encyclopedie, 28 tom. Geneve Le Sacre de Louis XV. Edmondson's Copperplate Peerage, 6 v. Montsaucon, Antiquites, G. P. 10 tom. Fables de Fontaine, 4 tom. Millar's Plants, coloured Catesby's Carolina, 2 vol. coloured Description du Danube, 6 tom. Bailey's Mechanics Albinus's Tables Foulis's superb editions Gough's Camden, 3 vol. Campbell's Vitruvius, 2 vol. L. P. Quarto. Grose's Works, 13 vol. Edwards's Nat. Hist. 7 vol. coloured Voyage Pittoresque, 13 tom. Wilkes's Butterflies, coloured Pennant's Works, 14 vol. russia Baskerville's Classics, 7 tom. Octavo, &c. Buffon, 43 tom. coloured Goldsmith's Nat. Hist. 8 vol. coloured Brindley's Classics, 24 vol. Universal History, 60 vol. Johnson's Poets, 75 vol. morocco Monthly Review, 68 vol. Critical Review, 56 vol. Pickering's Statutes, 36 vol. By J. Lackington, at his shop, No. 46 and 47, Chiswell-Street, Moorfields, London. Where Libraries or Parcels of Books are purchased on a new Plan, by which the Seller is sure to have the utmost Value in ready Money, or in other Books. - Not an Hour's Credit will be given to any Person, nor any Books Exported, or sent into the Country, before they are paid for. Catalogues may be had at the Shop, and of Mr. C. H. Lackington (private House) No. 12, Charles-Street, St. James's-Square; also of the following Booksellers; Barker, Russell-Court, Drury-Lane; Marsom, No. 187, High Holborn; Lunn, Cambridge; Merrick, Oxford; Gander or Hodges, Sherborne; Hazard, Bath; Rollason, Coventry; Deck, Bury; Haydon, Plymouth; Edwards, Norwich; Bulgin, Bristol; Fisher, Newcastle; and also at Freeth's Coffee House, Birmingham. - To prevent Mistakes, those who send for any Books are desired, besides the Numbers, to send the first Words and the Prices of the Article they want. - Book-Binding done in the newest Taste and exceeding cheap
Lackington, James (1746-1815) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Matériel audio-visuel 3.
Colt, Sarah / L'Atelier d'images / 2016Résumé
Livres 4.
Copeland, Thomas E. (1946-....) / 3rd ed., University ed., completely rev. and updated / John Wiley & Sons / cop. 2000
Matériel audio-visuel 5.
Robinson, Phil Alden (1950-....) / Warner Bros. Entertainment / 2014Résumé
Livres 6.
Howard, Kathleen L. (19..-.... ; conservatrice) / [1ère édition] / Rio Nuevo Publishers / 2016
Matériel audio-visuel 7.
ITV Studios Global Entertainment / 2012Résumé
Ressources électroniques 8.
A Catalogue of books, containing many valuable and rare articles, in ancient and modern literature; among which are a collection chiefly relating to the history, antiquities, and laws of Denmark, lately published. [Ressource électronique] : Amongst them are the following: Constantini lexicon, etidt. opt. eleg. in russico Shakespeare's works, first edit. eleg. in morroco. gilt leaves lond. 1623 King's Vale-Royal of England Bleau's atlas, 11tom. Ptolenĭ geographia, a bertio, tab. colorat. chart max. in memb. fol. deaur. Virgilii opera vancani, 3 tom. eleg. in Russia Roma, 1763 Theophrastus historia palntarum.-ejusdem de causis plantarum.-aristotelis problematum.- alexandri aphrodisiensis problematum.-aristotelis mechanicorum.-ejusdem metaphysicorum, grc̆e, eleg in Russico Venet. ap ald. 1497 Gerard's herbal by Johnson Lond. 1633 Banier's ovid, Latin & Eng. fine plates by picart, eleg. in Russia ainst. 1732 Chambers's dictionary of arts and sciences, by rees, 4 vol. Museum florentinum, 10 tom. Maittaire's corpus poetarum, 2 vol. Scriptores htstoriR̆oman,̆ 3 tom. Le fabriche ei designe di andrea palladio, 5 tom. Vocabularii dell crusca, 6 tom. Kund leems description of finmark, with one hundred col. prints, large paper Johan Grammii index Duplex in Museum Regium, cum fig. chart max. Hanv.1726 Den skanske lagh, i.e. the Scanish law, in ancient Danish Cop.1505 Marqvard hergotti diplomatica augustissiğentis habsburgice, cum fig. 3 tom. chart max. Vienn,̆ 1737 Rapins's history of England, with tindall' continunation, 5 vol. Lord sommers's tracts, 16 vol. Pilkington's dictionary of painters Kennet's parochial antiquities, plates Oxf. 1695 Queen Elizabeth's progress and public expenditures, plates 2 vol. Capt. Wilson's account of the Pelew Isiands, first edition, and the very first impressions of the plates, eleg- in Russia Bryant's ancient mythology, 3 vol. eleg. in Russia Addison's works, by baskerville, 4 vol eleg. in Russia Doddridge's family expositor, 6 vol. Grose's antiquities, 8 vol. royal r vo - - military antiquities, 2 vol. plates ¡schylus, grc̆e, morroco fol. deaurat. glasg. ap foulis Ariioslo da baskerville, 4 tom. carta massima Holy Bible, very small size, finely printed, elegantly, bound in morroco, gilt leaves lond. by the company of stationer 1647 Butler's hudibias, fine cuts by hogarth, eleg. in morroco Baskerville's classics, 6 vol. eleg. in morroco. gilt leaves Erasmus's praise of folly, fine plotes Bell's poets of Great Britain, 109 vol. With a great many equally valuable, in all languages, arts, and sciences. The whole are in fine condition, and a great many in elegant bindings. Which will begin selling this day, (January) 1789, and to continue on sale until all are sold, By Elizabeth Harlow, (widow of the Late Mr. George Harlow, successor to Mr. Ridley) bookseller, No. 76, St. James's-street. Where the full value is given for libraries or parcels of books. Also books exchanged
Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 9.
Stevenson, Tom (19..-....) / 5th ed. / DK / 2011Résumé
Livres 10.
McKinsey & Company / [3e édition] / Éd. d'Organisation / 2002