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Livres 1.
Brown, Andrew (1948-....) / Antique Collectors' Club / 2005
Livres 2.
Livres 3.
Douglas, Sholto Charles John Hay (1907-1976 ; Earl of Morton) / 1965
Livres 4.
Cowie, Robert / Museum of London Archaeology Service / cop. 2008
Livres 5.
Brown, Andrew (1948-....) / Antique collectors' club / cop. 2015
Livres 6.
Halle, David / The University of Chicago Press / cop. 2014
Ressources électroniques 7.
Livres 8.
[s.n.] / 1725
Ressources électroniques 9.
The rat-Catcher at Chelsea College. [Ressource électronique] : A tale. Alluding to the manner in which the out-pensioners of Chelsea have been a long time oppress'd by userers and extortioners. With Letters from John Samford, Esq; shewing, by what establish'd Rules those Usurers and Extortioners, with the Help of the Buyers of the Pension, may beggar the Pensioners, and enrich themselves. As, also, A Scheme to Pay the Out-Pensioners of Chelsea after a Method whereby, among 4000 of them, they may be paid 4560 l. 15 s. a Year more than they can get after the Manner in which they have been hitherto paid; and that too, so that neither they, nor those appointed to pay them, can either defraud the Government, or be defrauded the one by the other. And Likewise, So that, upon any Emergency, all those who are Able, may be ready to do Garrison Duty, or Re-Enter into the Service, without doing such Injury to them or others, as at present is, and has heretofore been, done upon such Occasions. With Remarks thereupon, and Letters to the Lords Commissioners of Chelsea Hospital, &c. By John Woodman, Who, in the Year 1733, contrived the Regulation of the Books in the Secretary's Office at Chelsea College. Non solum nobis Deus nobis animuth dedit
Woodman, John (fl. 1733-1750) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 10.
Tschoerner-Budde, Chelsea / 2019