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Revisiting Walt Whitman : on the occasion of his 200th birthday / Winfried Herget (ed.)
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Herget, Winfried. Éditeur scientifique
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© 2019
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1 vol. (352 p.) : ill., portr., couv. ill. en coul. ; 22 cm
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3-631-78206-3. - 978-3-631-78206-4 (rel.)
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Notes bibliographiques en bas de page et références bibliographiques à la fin de chaque chapitre
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p. 7. Introduction / Winfried Herget
p. 13. Matthew Aucoin's opera "Crossing" (2015): reinventing Walt Whitman for the twenty-first century / Nassim Winnie Balestrini
p. 25. Walt Whitman in music: cosmos, eros, mourning / Lawrence Kramer
p. 39. Walt Whitman and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: the hieroglyphics of expression / Margit Peterfy
p. 55. Whitman and "Everything": playing with the poetics of scale / Sascha Pöhlmann
p. 81. Saluting Lumumba: the global Whitman network and intermedia / Walter Grünzweig
p. 95. Oceanic poetics: Walt Whitman across Pacific currents / Iris-Aya Laemmerhirt
p. 111. Life writing and diversity: Walt Whitman's "Song of myself" / Alfred Hornung
p. 121. Visions of a democratic poetry: Tocqueville − Emerson − Whitman / Winfried Herget
p. 139. Walt Whitman: metonymy, contingency, and the democracy of it all / Thomas Claviez
p. 163. "Songs" and "Inventories": democratic literature, the 19th-century data imaginary, and the narrative liminality of the poetic catalog / Sebastian M. Herrmann
p. 187. "The priest departs, the devine literatus comes": Walt Whitman and pragmatism / Ulf Schulenberg
p. 205. Through the philosopher's lens: Whitman and Martha Nussbaum / Elisabeth Hecker-Bretschneider
p. 221. Military medicine, emotional healing and a reborn community in "Memoranda during the war" / Marek Paryz
p. 235. On the poetics of creative supremacy: Walt Whitman's "Manly health and training" / Dustin Breitenwischer
p. 255. Walt Whitman's antagonistic inheritors: Ezra Pound, Hart Crane and William Carlos Williams / Heinz Ickstadt
p. 277. Whitman and the engine room: MacKnight Black's American futurism / Stefan Schöberlein
p. 297. "I, too, sing America": Whitmanian democratic community in Langston Hughes / Sabine Kim
p. 313. From first person, singular to second person, plural: Walt Whitman's and Ralph Ellison's visions of democracy / Lars Kiesel
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