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Social exclusion, power, and video game play : new research in digital media and technology / edited by David G. Embrick, J. Talmadge Wright, and Andras Lukacs
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Embrick, David G.. Éditeur scientifique
Wright, J. Talmadge. Éditeur scientifique
Lukácsy, András (1930-....). Éditeur scientifique
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Etats-Unis d'Amérique
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© 2012
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1 vol. (xix-262 p.) ; 23 cm
978-0-7391-3860-1 (rel.). - 0-7391-3860-X (hardback). - 978-0-7391-3862-5 (ebook). - 0-7391-3862-6 (ebook)
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Notes bibliogr. en fin de chapitre. Index
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Part I : Social-Psychological Implications of Virtual Play
1. Marking the territory : Grand theft auto IV as a playground for masculinity
2. Discursive engagements in World of warcraft : a semiotic analysis of player relationships
3. The intermediate ego : the location of the mind at play
4. Producing place and play in virtual game spaces
Part II : Social Inequalities in Video Game Spaces : Race, Gender and Virtual Play
5. Racism in video gaming : connecting extremist and mainstream expressions of white supremacy
6. Worlds of whiteness : race and character creation in online games
7. Gendered pleasures : the Wii, embodiment and technological desire
8. Sincere fictions of whiteness in virtual worlds : how fantasy massively multiplayer online games perpetuate color-blind, white supremacist ideology
9. The goddess paradox : hyper-resonance shaping gender experiences in MMORPGs
Part III : Game Fans Speak Out
10. World of warcraft and "the world of science" : ludic play in an online affinity space
11. Cosmo-play : Japanese videogames and western gamers
12. Beyond the virtual realm : Fallout fans and the troublesome issue of ownership in videogame fandom
Conclusion : Apocalyptic fantasies and utopic dreams untold : where do we go from here?
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GV1469.34.S63. S64 2012
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