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Textbook of aging skin / edited by Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, Howard I. Maibach. - 2nd edition
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Auteur(s) : 
Farage, Miranda A.. Éditeur scientifique
Maibach, Howard Ira. Éditeur scientifique
Date(s) : 
cop. 2017
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Berlin : Springer, cop. 2017
Description : 
3 vol. (XLVII-2222 p.) : ill. en noir et en coul., portraits des éditeurs ; 26 cm
978-3-662-47397-9 (3 vol.). - 978-3-662-47399-3
Annexes : 
Références bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
Résumé(s) : 
This comprehensive book presents the latest information on all aspects of the aging skin, including a broad spectrum of the relevant basic science, malignant and non-malignant age-associated diseases and conditions, techniques and methods, toxicological and safety considerations in the elderly, psychological and social issues, ethnicity and gender differences and marketing to the aged. Since the first edition the book has been extensively updated and revised, with the inclusion of many additional chapters that describe the most recent advances in scientific, medical and technical understanding of the aging phenomenon. There is, for example, extended coverage of physiology, description of novel bioengineering methods and tools, detailed consideration of developments in genomics research, and information on new ingredients and products. Textbook of Aging Skin is written by global experts and thought leaders and is intended to serve as the single and complete reference on the subject. It will be of value for dermatologists, gerontologists, toxicologists, biologists and a range of other professionals
Sommaire : 
Volume 1 : Part I, Basic Sciences/Physiology/Histology
1 Histology of Microvascular Aging of Human Skin / Peter Helmbold
2 Basophilic (Actinic) Degeneration of the Dermis : An Easy Histological Scoring Approach in Dermal Photoaging / Peter Helmbold
3 Degenerative Changes in Aging Skin / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, and Howard I. Maibach
4 An Overview of the Histology of Aging Skin in Laboratory Models / Tapan K. Bhattacharyya
5 Major Changes in Skin Function in the Elderly and Their Contributions to Common Clinical Challenges / Jillian Wong Millsop and Anne Lynn S. Chang
6 Skin Aging: A Brief Summary of Characteristic Changes / Cornelia Wiegand, Christina Raschke, and Peter Elsner
7 The Stratum Corneum and Aging / Anthony V. Rawlings
8 The Extracellular Matrix Protein 1 (ECM1) in Molecular-Based Skin Biology / Noritaka Oyama and Joseph Merregaert
9 Pathomechanisms of Endogenously Aged Skin / Evgenia Makrantonaki and Christos C. Zouboulis
10 Pathomechanisms of Photoaged Skin / Jean Krutmann
11 Proteoglycans in Skin Aging / François-Xavier Maquart, Stéphane Brézillon, and Yanusz Wegrowski
12 Possible Involvement of Basement Membrane Damage by Matrix Metalloproteinases, Serine Proteinases, and Heparanase in Skin Aging Process / Satoshi Amano
13 Buffering Capacity Considerations in the Elderly / Jacquelyn Levin and Howard I. Maibach
14 Considerations for Thermal Injury: The Elderly as a Sensitive Population / Donald L. Bjerke
15 Aging of Epidermal Stem Cells / Alexandra Charruyer and Ruby Ghadially
16 Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Their Secretory Factors for Skin Aging and Hair Loss / Byung-Soon Park and Won-Serk Kim
17 Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors: Role in Skin Health and Appearance of Photoaged Skin / Stacy S. Hawkins, William Shingleton, Jean Adamus, and Helen Meldrum
18 Hyaluronan and the Process of Aging in Skin / Diana Alyce Rivers and Robert Stern
19 Changes in Nail in the Aged / Nelly Rubeiz, Ossama Abbas, and Abdul Ghani Kibbi
20 Changes in the Composition of the Cornified Envelope During Skin Aging : A Calcium Centric Point of View / Maria Karolin Streubel, Mark Rinnerthaler, Johannes Bischof, and Klaus Richter
21 arNOX : A New Source of Aging / Dorothy M. Morré and D. James Morré
22 arNOX : New Mechanisms of Skin Aging and Lipoprotein Oxidation / D. James Morré and Dorothy M. Morré
23 Age-Related Changes in Skin Mechanical Properties / Nils Krueger and Stefanie Luebberding
24 Age-Induced Hair Graying and Oxidative Stress / Miri Seiberg
25 Appearance and Internal Aging / Hidekazu Yamada
26 Age-Related Morphometric Changes of Inner Structures of the Skin Assessed by In Vivo Reflectance Confocal Microscopy / Katsuhiko Tsuchida and Hidekazu Yamada
27 Facial Skin Rheology / Gérald E. Piérard, Sébastien L. Piérard, and Trinh Hermanns-Lê
28 Pathology of Aging Skin / Qunshan Jia and J. Frank Nash
29 Biology of Stratum Corneum : Tape Stripping and Protein Quantification / Hanjiang Zhu, Ali Alikhan, and Howard I. Maibach
30 Corneocyte Size and Cell Renewal : Effects of Aging and Sex Hormones / Razvigor Darlenski, Enzo Berardesca, and Joachim W. Fluhr
31 Stratum Corneum Cell Layers / Hachiro Tagami
32 Aging and Melanocytes Stimulating Cytokine Expressed by Keratinocyte and Fibroblast / Mutsumi Okazaki
33 Cyanoacrylate Skin Surface Strippings / Claudine Piérard-Franchimont and Gérald E. Piérard
34 Vaginal Secretions with Age / Paul R. Summers
35 Unique Skin Immunology of the Lower Female Genital Tract with Age / Paul R. Summers
36 Aging Genital Skin and Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits / William J. Ledger
37 Platinum and Palladium Nanoparticles Regulate the Redox Balance and Protect Against Age-Related Skin Changes in Mice / Shuichi Shibuya, Kenji Watanabe, Koutaro Yokote, and Takahiko Shimizu
38 Skin Aging : An Immunohistochemical Evaluation / Moetaz El-Domyati and Walid Medhat
39 Advanced Age Pruritus / Afton Metkowski, Rodrigo Valdes-Rodriguez, and Gil Yosipovitch
40 Physiological Variations During Aging / Gérald E. Piérard, Claudine Piérard-Franchimont, Philippe Delvenne, and Jean-Luc Nizet
41 Neurotrophins and Skin Aging / Mohamed A. Adly, Hanan Assaf, and Mahmoud R. Hussein
42 Cluster of Differentiation 1d (CD1d) and Skin Aging / Mohamed A. Adly, Hanan Assaf, and Mahmoud R. Hussein
43 The Genetics of Skin Aging / David A. Gunn
44 Skin Aging and Health / David A. Gunn and Kaare Christensen
45 Influence of Exogenous Factors on Skin Aging / Avani Ahuja, Neha Singh, Prashant Gupta, Shivangi Mishra, and Vibha Rani
46 Impact of Dietary Supplements on Skin Aging / Utkrishta L. Raj, Garima Sharma, Shweta Dang, Sanjay Gupta, and Reema Gabrani
Part II, Molecular Biology and Metabolism
47 Alterations of Energy Metabolism in Cutaneous Aging / Thomas Blatt, Horst Wenck, and Klaus-Peter Wittern
48 Cellular Energy Metabolism and Oxidative Stress / Shujiang (Suzie) Cheng, Regina Hourigan, Zeenat Nabi, and Laurence Du-Thumm
49 DNA Damage and Repair in Skin Aging / Daniel B. Yarosh
50 Fibulin-5 Deposition in Human Skin: Decrease with Aging and UVB Exposure and Increase in Solar Elastosis / Satoshi Amano
51 Cutaneous Oxidative Stress and Aging / Thomas G. Polefka and Thomas A. Meyer
Part III, Endogenous and Exogenous Factors
52 Cutaneous Responses to Tropospheric Ozone Exposure / Giuseppe Valacchi
53 Infrared A-Induced Skin Aging / Peter Schroeder and Jean Krutmann
54 Climate Change and Its Dermatologic Impact on Aging Skin / Young Hui, Haw-Yueh Thong, and Howard I. Maibach
55 Skin Photodamage Prevention : State of the Art and New Prospects / Denize Ainbinder and Elka Touitou
56 Environmental and Genetic Factors in Facial Aging in Twins / David J. Rowe and Bahman Guyuron
57 Tobacco Smoke and Skin Aging / Akimichi Morita
58 Sebum Production / Claudine Piérard-Franchimont, Marianne Lesuisse, Justine Courtois, Caroline Ritacco, and Gérald E. Piérard
59 Perimenopausal Aging and Oral Hormone Replacement Therapy / Trinh Hermanns-Lê, Claudine Piérard-Franchimont, and Gérald E. Piérard
60 Biological Effects of Estrogen on Skin / Christina Phuong and Howard I. Maibach
61 DNA Biomarkers in Aging Skin / Kimberly G. Norman, Alex Eshaghian, and James E. Sligh
62 Aging and Intrinsic Aging: Pathogenesis and Manifestations / Hanan Assaf, Mohamed A. Adly, and Mahmoud R. Hussein
63 Infrared Radiation: Mechanisms, Implications, and Protection / Kasra Soltani Nia and Howard I. Maibach
Volume 2 : Part IV, Disease State/Conditions with Aging
64 Nonneoplastic Disorders of the Aging Skin / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, Enzo Berardesca, and Howard I. Maibach
65 Neoplastic Skin Lesions in the Elderly Patient / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, Enzo Berardesca, Howard I. Maibach, and Isaac M. Neuhaus
66 Cutaneous Effects and Sensitive Skin with Incontinence in the Aged / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, Enzo Berardesca, and Howard I. Maibach
67 Aging Skin as a Diagnostic Tool for Internal Diseases : A Chance for Dermatology / Georgios Nikolakis, Evgenia Makrantonaki, and Christos C. Zouboulis
68 Carcinogenesis: UV Radiation / Douglas E. Brash, Timothy P. Heffernan, Paul Nghiem, and Raymond J. Cho
69 Melanoma and Skin Aging / Salina M. Torres, Christopher R. Hughes, and Marianne Berwick
70 Aging-Associated Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer : A Role for the Dermis / Davina A. Lewis, Aleksandar Krbanjevic, Jeffrey B. Travers, and Dan F. Spandau
71 Nonsurgical Modalities of Treatment for Primary Cutaneous Cancers / Rami Abadi, Salah Salman, and Ossama Abbas
72 Sunlight Exposure and Skin Thickness Measurements as a Function of Age: Risk Factors for Melanoma / Akram Elmahdy and Howard I. Maibach
73 Influence of Race, Gender, Age, and Diabetes on Blood Flow / Jerrold Scott Petrofsky
74 Atopic Dermatitis in the Aged / Alexandra Katsarou, Melina C. Armenaka, Efterpi Zafiriou, and Efstratios Vakirlis
75 Dry Skin in Diabetes Mellitus and in Experimental Models of Diabetes / Shingo Sakai and Hachiro Tagami
76 Impaired Wound Repair and Delayed Angiogenesis / Megan E. Schrementi, Matthew J. Ranzer, and Luisa A. DiPietro
77 Hyperpigmentation in Aging Skin / Tomohiro Hakozaki, Cheri L. Swanson, and Donald L. Bissett
78 Pigmentation in Ethnic Groups / Howard I. Maibach, Jane Y. Liu, and Ying Zou
79 The New Face of Pigmentation and Aging / John Nip, S. Brian Potterf, Sheila Rocha, Shilpa Vora, and Carol Bosko
80 Facial Wrinkling: The Marquee Clinical Sign of Aging Skin / Greg Hillebrand
81 Psoriasis and Aging / Paul S. Yamauchi
82 Skin Aging and Cellulite in Women / Márcio Lorencini, Fernanda Camozzato, and Doris Hexsel
83 Skin Itch in the Elderly / Jerrold Scott Petrofsky
84 Control of Skin Blood Flow / Jerrold Scott Petrofsky
Part V, Techniques, Methods, and Tools
85 Bioengineering Methods and Skin Aging / Francesca Giusti and Stefania Seidenari
86 Hydration of the Skin Surface / Hachiro Tagami
87 Corneocyte Analysis / Tetsuji Hirao
88 The Structural and Functional Development of Skin During the First Year of Life: Investigations Using Noninvasive Methods / Georgios N. Stamatas
89 Structure of Stratum Corneum Lipid Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance / Kouichi Nakagawa
90 Molecular Concentration Profiling in the Skin Using Confocal Raman Spectroscopy / Jonathan M. Crowther and Paul J. Matts
91 The Measurement and Perception of Uneven Coloration in Aging Skin / Paul J. Matts
92 Transepidermal Water Loss in Young and Aged Healthy Humans / Jan Kottner, Annika Vogt, Andrea Lichterfeld, and Ulrike Blume-Peytavi
93 Reconstructed Skin to Create In Vitro Flexible Models of Skin Aging: New Results and Prospects / Daniel Asselineau, Sylvie Ricois, Herve Pageon, Helene Zucchi, Sarah Girardeau-Hubert, Céline Deneuville, Valerie Haydont, Véronique Neiveyans, and Isabelle Lorthois
94 In Vitro Method to Visualize UV-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species in a Skin Equivalent Model / Tomohiro Hakozaki
95 Aging and Senescence of Skin Cells in Culture / Suresh I. S. Rattan
96 Glycation and Skin Aging / Herve Pageon, Helene Zucchi, Paula C. Pennacchi, and Daniel Asselineau
97 Assessing Quality of Life in Older Adult Patients with Skin Disorders / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, Susan N. Sherman, and Joel Tsevat
98 Skin Aging: A Generalization of the Microinflammatory Hypothesis / Paolo U. Giacomoni and Glen Rein
99 The Potential of Probiotics and Prebiotics for Skin Health / A. C. Ouwehand, S. Lahtinen, and Kirsti Tiihonen
100 Probiotics in Aging Skin / Benedetta Cinque, Paola Palumbo, Cristina La Torre, Esterina Melchiorre, Daniele Corridoni, Gianfranca Miconi, Luisa Di Marzio, Maria Grazia Cifone, and Maurizio Giuliani
101 Animal Models / Shalini Krishnasamy, Sara Flores, Farzam Gorouhi, and Howard I. Maibach
102 New Insights in Photoaging Process Revealed by In Vitro Reconstructed Skin Models / Claire Marionnet, Christine Duval, and Françoise Bernerd
103 Skinomics : A New Toolbox to Understand Skin Aging / Sidra Younis, Mayumi Komine, Marjana Tomic-Canic, and Miroslav Blumenberg
104 Reflectance Confocal Microscopy and Aging / Anthony P. Raphael, Danielle Tokarz, Marco Ardigò, and Tarl W. Prow
Part VI, Toxicology/Safety and Microbiology
105 Susceptibility to Irritation in the Elderly / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, G. Frank Gerberick, Cindy A. Ryan, and Howard I. Maibach
106 The Vaginal Microbiota in Menopause / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth. W. Miller, Yuli Song, and Jack Sobel
107 Irritant Contact Dermatitis / Judit Lukács and Peter Elsner
108 Safety Evaluation in the Elderly via Dermatological Exposure / Mario Bramante
109 Dermal Safety Evaluation: Use of Disposable Diaper Products in the Elderly / Daniel S. Marsman, Prashant Rai, and Susan P. Felter
110 Aging Skin Microbiology / Duane L. Charbonneau, Yuli Song, and Chengxu Liu
111 Percutaneous Penetration of Chemicals and Aging Skin / Michael F. Hughes
112 Application of In Vitro Methods in Preclinical Safety Assessment of Skin Care Products / Gertrude-Emilia Costin and Kimberly G. Norman
Volume 3 : Part VII, Genomics
113 Genetic Basis of Healthy Skin Aging / Anne Lynn S. Chang
114 Genodermatoses with Premature Aging/Syndromes / Adele Chedraoui, Abdul Ghani Kibbi, and Mazen Kurban
115 Resetting Skin Genome Back to Health Naturally with GHK / Loren Pickart, Jessica Michelle Vasquez-Soltero, and Anna Margolina
Part VIII, Skin Scales and Typing System
116 Assessing Quality of Ordinal Scales Depicting Skin Aging Severity / Fabien Valet, Khaled Ezzedine, Denis Malvy, Jean-Yves Mary, and Christiane Guinot
117 The Baumann Skin Typing System / Leslie S. Baumann
Part IX, Skin Health, Nutrition, Resilience, Rejuvenation, and Management of Aging Skin
118 Preventive Skin Care During Skin Aging / Andrea Lichterfeld, Elisabeth Hahnel, Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, and Jan Kottner
119 Discovering the Link Between Nutrition and Skin Aging / Aikaterini I. Liakou, Apostolos Pappas, and Christos C. Zouboulis
120 Aging Skin: Nourishing from the Inside Out – Effects of Good Versus Poor Nitrogen Intake on Skin Health and Healing / Giovanni Corsetti, Evasio Pasini, Vincenzo Flati, Claudia Romano, Anna Rufo, and Francesco S. Dioguardi
121 Aging Skin: Nourishing from Out-In – Lessons from Wound Healing / Giovanni Corsetti, Vincenzo Flati, Evasio Pasini, Claudia Romano, Anna Rufo, Raimondo Pinna, and Francesco S. Dioguardi
Part X, Psychosocial Implications
122 Psychological and Social Implications of Aging Skin : Normal Aging and the Effects of Cutaneous Disease / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, Enzo Berardesca, and Howard I. Maibach
123, Aging Skin : Some Psychosomatic Aspects / Madhulika A. Gupta
124 Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) : Emerging Mediators of Skin Aging / Paraskevi Gkogkolou and Markus Böhm
Part XI, Aging Perception
125 Facial Skin Attributes and Age Perception / Alex Nkengne, Georgios N. Stamatas, and Christiane Bertin
126 The Neuroscience of Age Perception / Daniel B. Yarosh
Part XII, Gender, Ethnicity, and Lifestyle Differences
127 Determinants in the Rate of Skin Aging: Ethnicity, Gender, and Lifestyle Influences / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, and Howard I. Maibach
128 Gender Differences in Skin / Christina Phuong and Howard I. Maibach
129 Aging in Asian Skin / Low Chai Ling
Part XIII, Sensitive Skin and Aging
130 Perceptions of Sensitive Skin with Age / Miranda A. Farage
131 Effects of Aging on Skin Reactivity / Michael K. Robinson
132 Skin Reactivity of the Human Face: Functional Map and Age Related Differences / John Jay P. Cadavona, Slaheddine Marrakchi, and Howard I. Maibach
Part XIV, Ingredients, Products, and Cosmetics for Aging Skin Beauty
133 Aging and Antiaging Strategies / Carmela Rita Balistreri, Giuseppina Candore, Giovanni Scapagnini, and Calogero Caruso
134 Cosmetics and Aging Skin / Robert L. Bronaugh and Linda M. Katz
135 Cosmetic Antiaging Ingredients / Donald L. Bissett, Mary B. Johnson, and John Oblong
136 Topical Growth Factors for Skin Rejuvenation / Frank Dreher
137 Topical Peptides and Proteins for Aging Skin / Farzam Gorouhi and Howard I. Maibach
138 Long-Term Estrogen Effects on Sun-Exposed Human Skin / Hyun Sun Yoon and Jin Ho Chung
139 Solutions and Products for Managing Female Urinary Incontinence / Nancy Karapasha
140 Therapeutic Alternatives for the Treatment of Epidermal Aging / Carla Abdo Brohem, Valéria Maria Di Mambro, and Márcio Lorencini
141 Influence of Aging on Sensorial Perception of Skin Care Products / Valéria Maria Di Mambro, Carla Abdo Brohem, and Márcio Lorencini
142 The Role of Neuropeptides in Skin Wound Healing / Yun-Hee Choi, Sang Hyun Moh, and Ki Woo Kim
143 Wound Healing as We Age / Jihane Abou Rahal and Dany Nassar
144 Antiaging Effects of Algae-Derived Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids (MAAs) on Skin / Jeong Hun Lee, Hyeong-Sik Kim, Hyo Hyun Seo, Mi Young Song, Atul Kulkarni, Yun-Hee Choi, Ki Woo Kim, and Sang Hyun Moh
145 Innovative Nutraceutical Approaches to Counteract the Signs of Aging / Licia Genovese and Sara Sibilla
146 Neck Rejuvenation with Fractional CO2 Laser / A. Deniz Akkaya and Yasemin Oram
147 Changes in Vulvar Physiology and Skin Disorders with Age and Benefits of Feminine Wipes in Postmenopausal Women / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, and William J. Ledger
Part XV, Cosmetic Surgeries
148 A New Paradigm for the Aging Face / Samuel M. Lam
149 Cosmetic Surgery in the Elderly / Richard Scarborough, Dwight Scarborough, Kimberly M. Eickhorst, and Emil Bisaccia
150 Facial Rejuvenation: A Chronology of Procedures / Alexander S. Donath
151 Elderly Face No Added Risk from Cosmetic Surgery / Julian Winocour, Varun Gupta, K. Kye Higdon, James C. Grotting, and Max Yeslev
152 Punctural Face Rejuvenation / Igor Roganin
153 Bridging Science and Beauty / Christine C. Kim and Paul S. Yamauchi
154 Botulinum Toxin Type A and Laser Resurfacing Provide Adjunctive Benefit to Skin Aging / Paul S. Yamauchi and Christine C. Kim
155 Update on Asian Eyelid Anatomy and Periocular Aging Change / Preamjit Saonanon and Katherine M. Whipple
Part XVI, Mind/Skin/Body Interaction
156 Unified Mind/Body for a Healthy Aging Skin / Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, Gabe Tzeghai, and Howard I. Maibach
157 Brain-Skin Connection: Impact of Psychological Stresson Skin / Ying Chen, Robert Maidof, and John Lyga
158 Place Your Bets, the Die Is Cast: The Skin at the Retiring Age Today and Tomorrow /Claudine Piérard-Franchimont, Gérald E. Piérard, Marianne Lesuisse, and Trinh Hermanns-Lê
159 Sleep and Aging Skin / Linna Guan, Reena Mehra, and Elma Baron
Part XVII, Global Market Place, Social and Emotional Aspects for the Aged
160 Marketing and Product Design of Antiaging Skin Care Products / Nancy C. Dawes
161 Key Trends Driving Antiaging Skin Care in 2009 and Beyond / Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson
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