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The Britannica library of great American writing / edited, with historical notes and a running commentary, by Louis Untermeyer
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Untermeyer, Louis (1885-1977). Éditeur scientifique
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Etats-Unis d'Amérique
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© 1960
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2 vol. (XVII-1764 p.) ; 24 cm
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John white's diary. - George Percy: A discourse of the plantation of the southern colonie in virginia. - John Smith: Captain tells of his captivity. - William Bradford: Landing of the pilgrims. - The hard beginnings. - John Winthrop: Governor Winthrop writes to his wife. - Thomas Morton: The revels at merry mount. - Roger Williams: The commonwealth as a ship. - Mary Rowlandson: Mary Rowlandson's story of her captivity. - Increase Mather: Portents and demons. - Cotton Mather: The bewitched child. - The trial of george burroughs. - Stephen Vincent Benet Giles Cory: We aren't superstitious. - Samuel Sewall: Samuel sewall goes courting. - Edward Burrough: A declaration of hte sad and great persecution and martyrdom ... of the quakers, in new england. - William Byrd: On the track of hte dividing line. - Jonathan Edwards: Jonathan Edwards considers his conversion. - The wrath of god, a sermon. - John Woolman: A pure heart charms the indians. - Michel-Guillaume Jean De Crevecoeur: What is an american. - The bay psalm book. - The new england primer. - Anne Bradstreet: Contemplations. - Michael Wigglesworth: The day of doom. - Vanity of vanities. - Benjamin Tompson: The good old times. - Edward Taylor: The ebb and flow. - Upon what base was fired the lath. - Housewifery. - Forefather's song. - The original yankee. - Old settler's' sayings. - Yankee comparisons. - The quaint custom of bundling. - A letter on bundling. - Colonial food and drink. - Jonathan moulton and the devil. - Benjamin Franklin: Beginning a career. - Poor richards' maxims. - Dialogue between franklin and the gout. - A dream: letter to madame helvetius. - Letter, to a relative. - Letter, to joseph banks. - Samuel Andrew Peters: The whapperknocker, the woodchuck, and cuba, and the skunk. - The humility, the whippoorwill, and athe tree-frog. - Daniel Boone: Adventuring into kentucky. - Patrick Henry: Give me liberty of give me death. - Thomas Paine: Common sense. - The american crisis. - Four days in july: We hold these truths to be self evident. - Cornel Lengyel. - George Washington. - Parson Weems: The cherry tree story. - A reply to his critics, a letter. - Washington refuses a crown, a letter. - Letter, to martha washington. - The mild concerns of ordinary life. - Thomas Jefferson. - The unanimous declaration of the thirteen united states of america. - First inaugural address. - A girl's education, a letter. - On the character of george washington, a letter. - Jefferson recalls the past and considers the present, a letter. - At seventy six jefferson answers a query about his health. - William Slade: Life and death on a prison ship. - Richard Dale: John paul jones and the bon homme richard. - Abigail Adams: Letters to her husband. - Philadelphia society, a letter. - Hugh Henry Brackenridge: The captain declines a duel. - Philip Freneau: The indian burying ground. - The wild honeysuckle. - On the death of benjamin franklin. - Joel Barlow: The husking. - The eating of the pudding. - A poignant farewell, a letter. - James Madison: United we stand. - Alexander Hamilton: For a strong central government. - Hamilton's last statement. - Aaron Burr: Letter, to his daughter theodosia. - Noah Webster: Toward an american tongue. - John Quincy Adams: The cause of god and man, from his diary. - John Randolph: The fairer and better part of creation, a letter. - Songs and ballads of the times. - The virginia song. - Thomas Paine: The liberty tree. - Edward Bangs: The yankee's return from camp (Yankee Doodle). - Nathan Hale, a ballad. - The fate of john burgoyne, a ballad. - William Billings: Let tyrants shake their iron rod. - John Pierpont: Warren's address to the american soldiers. - Francis Hopkinson: The battle of the kegs. - Joseph Hopkinson: Hail columbia. - Francis Scott Key: The star spangled banner. - The country school. - Country couplets. - Signs and seasons. - Philip Hone: Living in new york, from his diary. - Washington Irving: The renowned wouter van twiller. - Rip van winkle. - Frontier folklore. - David crockett. - Crockett's courting. - Crockett's death in the alamo. - Homespun myths. - James Fenimore Cooper: An encouter, from The pilot. - William Cullen Bryant: To a waterfowl. - Thanatopsis. - To the fringed gentian. - The antiquity of freedom. - America. - The death of lincoln. - Joseph Rodman Drake: The american flag. - Ralph Waldo Emerson: Beauty. - We will speak our own minds. - Emerson's journals. - Days. - Good-bye. - The rhodora. - The snow storm. - Ode, inscribed to w. h. channing. - Give all to love. - Fable. - Brahma. - Concord hymn. - Ode, concord, july 4, 1857. - Nathaniel Hawthorne: The maypole of merry mount. - Dr. heidegger's experiment. - The house of seven gables. - The look of lincoln. - Jones Very: The new world. - The dead. - Richard Henry Dana, Jr.: Two years before the mast. - Henry David Thoreau: The houses at walden pond. - Foxes, squirrels, bluejays, chickadees and partridges. - Why i went to jail. - January days, from his journals. - Smoke. - Mist. - Haze. - Francis Parkman: France acquires a new world. - Rumblings of war. - John Brown: John brown's body, attributed to charles sprague hall. - John brown's speech to the court. - John brown's last days, from god's angry man by leonard ehrlich. - Edgar Allan Poe: The gold bug. - The cask of amontillado. - To helen. - Israfel. - The city in the sea. - Alone. - To one in paradise. - A dream within a dream. - Romance. - The haunted palace. - The valley of unrest. - Annabel lee. - Harriet Beecher Stowe: Uncle tom's cabin. - Abraham Lincoln: Farewell remarks, springfield, february 11, 1861. - Address in independence hall, philadelphia, february 22, 1861. - First inaugural address, to major general joseph hooker. - Letter, to mrs. bixby. - Address to gettysburg national cemetery. - Second inaugural address. - A little treasury of lincoln's humor. - The logic of secession. - Jefferson davis to the united states senate, january 21, 1861. - An officer resigns, letters of robert e. lee -Mary Boykin Chesnut. - John Beatty. - John Beauchamp Jones. - John Greenleaf Whittier: The moral warfare. - The kansas emigrants. - Laus deo. - Barbara frietchie. - Skipper ireson's ride. - New england winter from Snow Bound. - The eternal goodness. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: My lost youth. - Paul revere's ride. - The ship of state. - The arrow and the song. - A psalm of life. - Hymn to the night. - The children's hour. - The wreck of hte hesperus. - The village blacksmith. - The tide rises, the tide falls. - Chaucer. - Hiawatha's childhood. - The day is done. - Oliver Wendell Holmes: Old ironsides. - The last leaf. - The chambered nautilus. - The height of hte ridiculous. - The deacon's masterpiece; or the wonderful one hoss shay. - The key to the side door. - The brahmin caste of new england. - John Godfrey Saxe: Early rising. - The blind men and the elephant. - Phineas Taylor Barnum: In the days of my youth. - James Russell Lowell: Prelude to The vision of Sir Launfal. - The present crisis. - Stanzas on freedom. - Ez for war. - What mr. robinson thinks. - The pious editor's creed. - The courtin'. - Walt Whitman: I hear america singing. - Song of myself. - Come up from the fields father. - When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd. - Oh captain! My captain!. - Vigil strange i kept on the field one night. - Miracles. - The commonplace. - Reconciliation. - To a locomotive in winter. - One's self i sing. - A noiseless patient spider. - Joy, shipmate, joy. - After the supper and talk. - The last invocation. - Poets to come. - A nation of nations. - The practice of manly sports. - Specimen days. - Omnibus jaunts and drivers. - Fifty hours left wounded on the field. - Patent office hospital. - The wound dresser. - Abraham lincoln. - Charles Heber Clark: The obituary poet. - A candid candidate. - Bret Harte: The outcasts of poker flat. - Her letter. - Joel Chandler Harris: The wonderful tar baby story. - How mr. rabbit was too sharp for mr. fox. - Edgar wilson nye: Twombley's tale. - The grammatical boy. - Godey's Lady's Book: Popping the question. - Wisdom in love making. - How to be the perfect housewife. - The philosophy of rain. - Frances Miriam Whicher: Hezekiah bedott. - Benjamin P. Shillaber: Mrs. partington's malaprops. - George Washington Harris: Rare ripe garden seed. - Henry Wheeler Shaw: The mule. - Pioneers. - Pigs. - Billings' musings. - Charles Farrar Browne: High handed outrage at utiky. - Interview with president lincoln. - Among the spirits. - Frank R. Stockton: The lady or the tiger
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Untermeyer, Louis, 1885-1977. Britannica library of great American writing.. - Chicago, Britannica Press; and distributed in association with Lippincott, Philadelphia [1960]
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