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Mathematical digests. Containing the elements and application of geometry, and plane trigonometry, Whether by Instrumental Construction, or by Calculation, to the Measuring of Heights and Distances, &c. And the Stereographic Projection of Spheric Trigonometry; with numerical Solutions, and the Application thereof to several curious and important Problems in Astronomy, Navigation, and Dialling. With Tables for finding the Place, and Eclipses of the Sun and Moon, according to the last Improvement of the Newtonian Theory; and many practical Problems in each Branch. Design'd for a plain, methodical familiar Course of Instruction in the above-mentioned Parts of mathematical Science; very useful for all Lovers thereof. And Particularly For all Teachers of Mathematics: Being a synthetical Method which the Author has found, by many Years Experence, to be most successful and agreeable to his Pupils. Inscribed to all the Schoolmasters and Teachers of Mathematics in Great Britain and Ireland By Mr. John Dougharty, Author of the General Gauger, and Teacher of the Mathematics at Worcester
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