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Ressources électroniques 1.
1st ed. 2016. / Springer International Publishing : Springer e-books : Imprint: Springer : Springer e-books / 2016Résumé
Ressources électroniques 2.
Di Bartolo, Baldassare / 1st ed. 2015. / 2015Résumé
Ressources électroniques 3.
Bibliotheca technologica: or, a philological library of literary arts and sciences. [Ressource électronique] : Viz. I. Theology; or the first Principles of Natural Religion. II. Ethics, or Morality; the Doctrine of Moral Virtues. III. Christianity; or the Substance of the Christian Religion. IV. Judaism; or the Religion and State of the Jews. V. Mahometism; or the Life, Religion, and Polity of Mabomet. VI. Gentilism; or the Deitics and Religion of the Heathen. Vii. Mythology; or an Explanation of Fabulous Histories. Viii. Grammar and Language, particularly of the English Tongue. IX. Rhetoric and Oratory; or the Art of speaking eloquently. X. Logic; or the Art of Reasoning and Persuasion. XI. Ontology; or the Science of Being abstractedly considered. XII. Poetry; or the Art of making Verses or Poems. XIII. Criticism; or Art of judging well of Men and Things. XIV. Geography; or a Description of the World. XV. Chronology; or the Doctrine of Time. XVI. History; with the Original of Nations and Kingdoms. XVII. Physiology; or Science of Natural Philosophy. XVIII. Botany; or the Doctrine of Plants and Vegetables. XIX. Anatomy; or a Description of the Parts of an human Body. XX. Pharmacy; or the Art of making Medicines. XXI. Medicine; or the Theory of Physic and Diseases. XXII. Polity and Oeconomics; or the Doctrine of Society and Government. XXIII. Jurisprudence; or - the Knowledge of Law or Right. XXIV. Heraldry; or Art of Blazoning Coat-Armour. XXV. Miscellanies: An Account of the Mathematical Arts and Sciences. By Benjamin Martin, Author of A New and Compendious System of Optics; and A Treatise of Logarithms, Common and Logistical, in Theory and Practice
Martin, Benjamin (1705-1782) / The third edition; with an alphabetical index .. / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 4.
Elements of geography, [Ressource électronique] : with the principles of natural philosophy, and sketches of general history. Containing I. The figure of the earth, and the Elements of Mechanics and Astronomy. II. The Oeconomy of the Sublunary Works of Creation, Living and Inanimate. Cohesion, Gravity, Magnetism, Electricity, Optics, Phonics, Pneumatics, Meteors, Hydrostatics, &c. the Structure of Fossils, Anatomy of Plants and Animals. III. Picturesque and General Sketches of the different Parts of the Earth, and the varied Appearances and Manners of its Inhabitants, both Man and Brute. With an Account of J. Cook's last Voyage, which, in accounting for the peopling of the remote Parts of the World, may serve the most incredulous as a Cord to bind together all the Nations of the Earth in one great Family, descended from one common Stock. Also, The History of Slavery, ancient and modern. IV. The Rise, Revolutions and Fall of the Principal Empires of the World. In which the Jewish History is, as the most important, most fully entered into; with a particular Account of the Siege and final Destruction of Jerusalem. V. Changes through different Ages in the Manners of Mankind. In which the Idolatry of the Ancients, the Testimonies of the Primitive Christians, and the Gothic and Feudal Manners, with the gradual Refinement of Europe therefrom, are particularly described. VI. Vii. Viii. IX. Descriptions of the different quarters of the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Their Divisions into Countries, Provinces, &c. their Climates, Soils, Animals, Plants, Minerals, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Canals, Commerce, Manufactures, Curiosities, Schools, Learning, Literati, Religious Profession, Language, Government, History, &c. Illustrated With Ten Copperplates. BY John Walker, Teacher of the Classics and Mathematics, Usher's Island, Dublin. Being principally the substance of a course of lectures addressed to his pupils
Walker, John (1759-1830) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 5.
Bibliotheca technologica : or, A philological library of literary arts and sciences. Viz. I. Theology ; or the first principles of natural religion. II. Ethics, or morality ; the doctrine of moral virtues. III. Chritianity ; or the substance of the christian religion. IV. Judaism ; or the religion and state of the Jews. V. Mahometanism ; or the life, religion, and polity of Mahomet. VI. Gentilism ; or the deities and religionof the heathen. VII. Mythology ; or an explanation of fabulous histories. VIII. Grammar and language, particularly of the English tongue. IX. Rhetoric and oratory ; or the art of speaking eloquently. X. Logic ; or the art of reasoning and persuasion. XI. Ontology ; or the science of being abstractedly considered. XII. Poetry ; or the art of making verses or poems. XIII. Criticism ; or art of judging well of men and things. XIV. Geography ; or a description of the world. XV. Chronology ; or the doctrine of time. XVI. History ; with the original of nations and kingdoms. XVII.Physiology ; or science of natural philosophy. XVIII. Botany ; or the doctrine of plants and vegetables. XIX. Anatomy ; or a description of the parts of an human body. XX. Pharmacy ; or the art of making medicines. XXI. Medicine ; or the theory of physic and diseases. XXII. Polity and oeconomics ; or the doctrine of society and government. XXIII. Jurisprudence ; or the knowledge of law or right. XXIV. Heraldry ; or art ofblazoning coat-armour. XXV. Miscellanies ; an accountof the mathematical arts and sciences. By Benjamin Martin, author of A new and compendious system of optics ; and A treatise of logarithms, common and logistical, in theory and practice. The second edition ; with an alphabetical index of the principal matters.
Martin, Benjamin (1705-1782) / / 1740
Ressources électroniques 6.
Mr. Walker's lectures on natural philosophy. On Saturday the 14th of March will be published, printed in quarto, on a fine wove medium paper, to be completed in thirty-five numbers, published weekly, making two handsome volumes in Quat̕o, Number I. Price 1s. 6d. (with Two Copper-Plates, neatly engraved) of A system of familiar philosophy; in twelve lectures : Being The Course Usually Read By Mr. Walker, Of Conduit-Street, Hanover-Square: Containing the Elements, and the practical Uses to be drawn from the Chemical Properties of Matter; the Principles and Application of Mechanics, of Hydrostatics, of Hydraulics, of Pneumatics, of Magnetism, of Electricity, of Optics, and of Astronomy, including every material modern Discovery and Improvement to the present Time. To be illustrated by at least Fifty Copper-Plates, neatly engraved [Ressource électronique]
Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 7.
Vollmerhausen, Richard H. / SPIE Press / cop. 2010Résumé
Ressources électroniques 8.
Golden, Leslie / Springer New York : Springer e-books : Imprint: Springer : Springer e-books / 2013Résumé
Livres 9.
Knopf, George Karl / 2018Résumé
Ressources électroniques 10.
Bartolo, Baldassare / Springer Netherlands : Springer e-books / 2006Résumé