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Livres 1.
Vile, John R. (1951-....) / 5th édition / Praeger / cop. 2010
Ressources électroniques 2.
Merkel, Broder J. / 1st ed. 2008. / Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer / 2008Résumé
Ressources électroniques 3.
Cooke's pocket edition, superbly embellished, of Hume's history of England, from the invasion of Julius Cæsar, to the abdication of James II. With the author's last corrections and improvements, to be comprized in only 36 numbers, price six-pence each. Printed in octo-decimo, or eighteens, being the same pocket size as the select novel. To which will be added a continuation, by Dr. Smollett, from the abdication of James II to the death of George II. And a farther continuation, to the present time, by T. A. Llyod, Esq. Being the most superb and cheap edition ever yet published, the whole embellished with upwards of 60 elegant engravings, the major part of which will represent the principal events recorded in the history, and the remainder will comprise a complete series of whole-length portraits of all the monarchs who have swayed the British sceptre from William the Conqueror to his present majesty, George III, habited in the dresses of the times in which they lived. This day published, no. I price only six-pence, containing the unusual quantity of 144 pages, including the life of the author, written byhimself, printed upon an elegant new type, and on paper of an excellent quality. Embellished with 1. an elegant frontispiece:- 2. a vignette titlepage;- 3. a vignette dedication, with a protrait of his majesty. And on Saturday next will be published, no. II. The following numbers to be published in regular succession till the whole is completed, of Hume's history of England, with Smollett's and Lloyd's continuation, down to the year 1794. Plan and conditions of the work. I. That this work shall be printed on a beautiful new Burgeois type, purposely calculated to comprise a great quantity of matter in a small compass; and by avoiding useless blanks, before and after the chapters, introduced in former editions of Hume, to enlarge them to an unnecessary and voluminous extent, the public will now be presented with an edition of Hume's history of England at less than half the expence which has ever been affixed to the cheapest edition. It will also be printed on paper of an excelent texture and quality. II. Each number, price only six-pence, chall be embellished with one elegant engraving, and some of them with two, executed by Arthur Hugh in estimation, and strikingly picturesque of the most material incidents that occur in the history. III. In the course of the history, will be given a compleat series of whole length portraits of all the British monarchs, from William the Conqueror, to his present majesty. IV. In order to accommodate the curious, a superior edition will be struck off on warehouse, William paper, of the finest texture, curiously hot-pressed. It will contain the first impressions of the plates, which will be worked off in the manner of proofs; and in every other respect will maintain a superiority of nature and elegance. From the united expences attendant on these extra embellishments, will be affixed the additional charge of only six-pence each number [Ressource électronique]
Cooke, Charles (17..-18.. ; libraire) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 4.
By the King's royal license and authority. A new royal authentic and complete system of universal geography antient and modern: Including All the late important Discoveries made by the English, and other celebrated Navigators, of various Nations, in the different Hemispheres; and containing a complete genuine history and description of the whole world. As Consisting of Empires, Kingdoms, States, Republics, Provinces, Continents, Islands, Oceans, &c. with the Various Countries, Cities, Towns, Promontories, Capes, Bays, Peninsulas, Isthmusses, Gulphs, Rivers, Harbours, Lakes, Aqueducts, Mountains, Volcanos, Caverns, Deserts, &c. &c. throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and America: together with Their respective Situations, Extent, Latitude, Longitude, Boundaries, Climates, Soil, natural and artificial Curiosities, Mines, Metals, Minerals, Trees, Shrubs, the various Kinds of Fruits, Flowers, Herbs and vegetable Productions. with as Account of The Religion, Laws, Customs, Manners, Genius, Tempers, Habits, Amusements, and singular Ceremonies of the respective Inhabitants: their Arts, Sciences, Manufactures, Learning, Trade, Commerce, Governments, &c. Also exact Description of The various Kinds of Beasts, Birds, Fishes, amphibious Creatures, Reptiles, Insects, &c. peculiar to each Country; including every Thing curious, as related by the most eminent Travellers and Navigators, from the earliest Accounts to the present Time. Likewise The Essence of the Voyages of the most enterprising Navigators of different Nations and Countries, from the celebrated Columbus, the first Discoverer of America, to the Death of our no less celebrated Countryman Captain Cook, &c. &c. Together with A concise History of every Empire, Kingdom and State. Including An Account of the most remarkable Discoveries, Settlements, Battles, Sieges, Sea-Fights, and various Revolution that have taken place in different Parts of the World. The Whole forming an authentic and entertaining Account of every thing worthy of Notice throughout the whole Face of Nature, both by Land and Water. With a great Variety of curious Articles, communicated by Gentlemen who have travelled in various Parts, and by Captains of Ships, &c. none of which ever appeared in Print before. To which is added, A Complete Guide to Geography, Astronomy, the Use of the Globes, Maps, &c. With an Account of The Rise, Progress, and present State of Navigation throughout the Known World. Published by the Royal Licence and Authority of His Britannic Majesty King George III. And containing every important, interesting, valuable and entertaining discovery throughout the whole of Captain Cook's voyages Round the World. Together with those of all other Made as well as Antient Circumnavigators round the Globe, particularly those of Byron, Mulgrave, King, Clerke, Gore, Carteret, Wallis, Bougainville, &c. (performed by Order of his Britannic Majesty) As well as all other Modern Navigators and Travellers who have published their Discoveries in the various Languages throughout the World. By the Reverend Thomas Bankes, Vicar of Dixton in Monmouthshire, and Author of the Christian's Family Bible. Edward Warren Blake, Esq. and Alexander Cook, A. M. Teacher of Geography, Astronomy, and Navigation [Ressource électronique]
Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 5.
Vercherand, Jean / Palgrave Macmillan / 2014
Ressources électroniques 6.
1st ed. 2016. / Springer International Publishing : Springer e-books : Imprint: Springer : Springer e-books / 2016Résumé
Ressources électroniques 7.
To all gentlemen, ladies and others, The intent of Publishing this Book in this Nature is, that each Person shall first have the Reading of it through, and then Consider the weighty Matters herein Contain'd. The intent being only for the Publick Good, as to the Preservation of Life in Time of Need. It having met with that Reception in the Kingdom of England, that there was upwards of Four Hundred Thousand of them Distributed. So that in Case, after Twelve Hours Time to Peruse it over, this Jewel shall not be thought worthy of the Price of one single Penny, and to be lockt up in your Cabinet, as the most estimable Riches in your Family; Praying to God so favour this Kingdom, that there may be never occasion to make use of it. Be pleas'd to keep it Clean, and return it to the Bearer. N. B. Since the nations of Great Britain are equally Concern'd, And are under the apprehensions of fear, of that contagious distemper the plague spreading, by the Eggs being scatter'd as the Weather shall become Warm, in this year ensuing 1722. which the two famous Citys in England and Ireland, (viz.) London and Dublin, too severly felt the smart, let it not be forgot. Therefore, as the present wise government of the Kingdom of England. thought fit that the Learne College on Physitians of London, should prescribe remedys for every family to be their own physicians, in the Day of Tribulation and Afflictions, and time of Need; when no one will attend them. They have in this book, without any Reserve to themselves, Candidly set forth, the true experienc d remedies made us e of in the Year of the great Sickness 1665 in London, where-with so many Thousands were Preserv'd, of all that took it, not one Died, which was done by Order of the King and Council; with the true Receipts and Rules for its prevention and Cure. Courteous Reader, Consider why the same Measures taken in England, for the Prevention and Cure of that Pestilential Distemper call'd the Plague; may not be as useful in this Kingdom, since if you Compare the terrible Infection now rageing in France with that in Dublin in the Year 1652. and that in London in the Year 1665. you will find them equal the same; and therefore ought to be kept in every Family, to be ready at Hand, when no one will attend them. Dedicated to the Honourable Sir Hans Sloane, Knight and Baronet, President to the famous College of Physicians in London [Ressource électronique]
Cengage Gale / 2009
Ressources électroniques 8.
The works of the Reverend Mr. Edm. Hickeringill, late rector of All-Saints, Colchester. In two volumes. Containing 1. The History of the Whigs, their Plots, Principles, and Practices, in two Parts; being the Secret History of the Whigs, from the time of the Civil Wars, &c. 2. The horrid Sin of Man-Catching, or a true Idea and Character of wicked Magistrates, Apparitors, Bumms, and Catchpoles. 3. Curse ye Meroz, a Sermon, containing the Standard of our Obeto Soveraign Power, that Kings can do no Wrong with respect to the Doctrin of Passive Obedience and Non-Resistance. 4. An Apology for Distress'd Innocence, a Sermon, preach'd on the 30th of January, setting forth the restless Spirit of Republican Principles and King-Killing Practices. 5. The Lay-Clergy, or Lay-Elder, a short Essay on the Lawfulness of the Clergy's exercising Temporal Offices. 6. The Trimmer's friendly Debate with the Observator, concerning the Uniformity and Benediction of Charters; and the House of Commons not a House of Courtiers. 1. The Black Non-Conformist. 2. The Postscript to the same, on Excommunication. 3. Some Considerations on the Nature of Marriage, and a Description of Matrimony made by the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost. 4. The Author's Thoughts on Confirmation. 5. An Essay on the Vertue of Sequestration. 6. An Epistle to the Tories. 7. The Mushroom; in Answer to Mr. Drydens Satyr against Sedition. 8. A Postscript to the same. 9. The Ceremony-Monger. 10. The Good-Old-Cause; or, the Divine Captain: containing Arguments to make a Soldier Religious and Brave against the Fears of Death, in the Service of his Country. With several other Tracts. Corrected and revis'd by the author, some time before his death: with an index to the whole [Ressource électronique]
Hickeringill, Edmund (1631-1708) / Cengage Gale / 2009
Livres 9.
Fletcher, Garth J. O. / Wiley-Blackwell / 2013Résumé
Livres 10.
Cobb, Anthony T. / 2nd ed. / SAGE / c2012